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Sunday 12:20

#rC3 Eröffnung

rC1 (de)

Willkommen zur ersten und hoffentlich einzigen Remote Chaos Experience!

Sunday 13:00

Boiling Mind

Analysing the link between audience physiology and choreography - rC2 (en)

The role of the audience in stage performances is changing from passive spectators to contributors making the performance interactive by using different techniques. In this talk, we investigate the connection of audience physiological data to the ...

Each performance lives from the interplay between audience and artists. Even if performers follow a precise script, each rendition is different partly due to audience reactions. Performers often describe it as an invisible link between then and the spectators, involving the audience in co-creating art.

The stage design and described setup came out of a collaboration between the performing artists, designers and researchers in a semi-democratic process.

Both researchers and artists contributed to developing the concept during the iterative process to balance research and artistic interests. This process was mainly led by artists, especially the choreographer. Besides the predetermined story and design, the choreographer also created some improvisational sections where dancers could interact with stage elements affected by audience physiological response.

The main contributions of this talk are as follows:
(1) We present the concept of "bringing the audience on stage" by mapping physiological signals from audience members to stage elements to amplify the connection between artists and the audience. We detail information about the design process, focusing on sensing hear...

Restreale Technikgeschichte(n)

restrealitaet (de)

Seit 2003 gibt es die Berliner Online-Community "Restrealitaet". So vielfältig die User*innen des Forums sind, so speziell ist auch die zugrundeliegende Software. Nichts von der Stange, sondern liebevoll von Hand entworfen und entwickelt, über die...

The Mission of the MV Louise Michel

"Feminism will be anti-racist or it won´t be" - rC1 (en)

SAR for us does not mean “Search and Rescue", but “Solidarity and Resistance”. We will talk about the mission of the rescue vessel Louise Michel and why smashing borders won´t work without smashing the patriarchy - and the other way round.

This summer, a pink ship popped up on the central mediterranean sea and made headlines by rescuing hundreds out of maritime distress. We will talk about the power structures behind this situation and about the values of our mission as we understand doing sea rescue not as an humanitarian act but as field that might conquer powerful relations.

Borders are imaginary lines with a pronounced vulnerability, otherwise they would not need so many (technical) measures to protect them.
But borders are more than 'only' borders of states/countries. Borders are also boundaries between humans, bodies, gender, ... or differently: they are supposed lines of distinction. Fighting these borders means we have to struggle them together and understand all of them as contested territories, contested bodies, contested spaces.

But what could that mean? And (how) do we reflect what we’re doing and how we’re acting? How aware are we ourselves about white supremacy and neo-colonialism in our work? How can we challenge our internalized sexism and racism while working in the field under constant pressure of opressing systems?

Sunday 14:00

Bulgaria Protests 2020

Do you see us? - chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

2020 was and still is an eventful year - pandemic, protests, orange men, you name it. This talk is a comprehensive overview about yet another tumult: the protests that occured in Bulgaria in 2020, months of demonstrations against an European Union...

The goal is to convey to some extent my expat experience and acquired updated knowledge I made while trying to figure out what exactly was going on as the protests erupted in my home country, who were the actors, what do they want. This will include a marathon though a brief historical background, introduction to some of the main political and criminal actors, societal factors, the story of how a national flag on a beach in Rossenez started it all among others, how the protests developed and finally the EU's position or the lack of such. In order to give you a better info and different perspectives in this time slot, I've also invited to join:
- Rosen, journalist: Why Bulgaria is on the last place of media freedom in EU?
- Sabina Hilaiel, an Assistant professor. Her research focuses on the influence of the EU on democratic transitions in the post communist world
- Radka, lawyer, former emigrant and active protester with a comment on the Bulgarian judiciary

Tracking Ransomware End-to-end

rC2 (en)

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts the files of infected hosts and demands payment, often in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. In this talk, we present a measurement framework that we used to perform a large-scale, two-year, end-to-en...

By combining an array of data sources, including ransomware binaries, seed ransom payments, victim telemetry from infections, and a large database of Bitcoin addresses annotated with their owners, we sketch the outlines of this burgeoning ecosystem and associated third-party infrastructure. In particular, we trace the financial transactions, from the moment victims acquire bitcoins, to when ransomware operators cash them out.

While our study focuses on ransomware, our methods are potentially applicable to other cybercriminal operations that have similarly adopted Bitcoin as their payment channel.

Sunday 15:00

Neoliberalism has been killing us - Chile is awakening

The Chilean peoples´struggle for dignity and social equality - chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

Since October 2019 the Chilean people have been fighting for social dignity and equality. During the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in the 80's nearly everything in Chile was privatized including the health system, education and pensions. As a c...

As an eyewitness to the historic events in Santiago of the Chilean uprising beginning in 2019, I participated in many demonstrations, took hundreds of photographs, interviewed many demonstrators and got hit by a lof of teargas. I saw at first hand the violence of the Carabiñeros de Chile, the highly militarized police that President Piñera sent out to attack his own citizens. I saw seriously wounded people in the streets as well as the brave and heroic people who helped them. In my presentation I will show fotos of the movement as well as the fanatstic street art which tells the story of the Chilean revolution.

Conversation with Bruce Schneier

rC2 (en)

Live Conversation with Bruce Schneier. Audience questions can be submitted via chat and have a chance to be asked by moderator Frank Rieger.

• Actual and perceived role of cryptography in our world
• The recent latest chapter in the eternal CryptoWars
• Core problems of IT-security and why nobody solves them
• The digital sphere as a freefire battlefield for state and nonstate actors
• Technological, legal and political leverages to prevent total surveillance

Die wunderliche Welt der Netzteilhieroglyphen

Was die ganzen Labels, Logos und Emojis auf einem Gerät bedeuten. Und wofür man mitbezahlt - restrealitaet (de)

Ob Notebook oder Bluetooth-Lautsprecher: wenn Ihr ein neues Elektrogerät auspackt, ist da meist auch ein Netzteil beigelegt. Habt Ihr Euch auch schon mal gefragt, was diese dutzenden Symbole, die alle auf der Rückseite eng an eng aneinandergedruck...

Sunday 16:00

close encounters @rc3 #1

Update aus der Werkstatt - chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

Wir komponieren und produzieren einen Community Track!

Wer mitsingen oder spielen will, trifft uns während der #rC3!
#ccchoir #orccchestra #creativecommons #music

Tag 1: Status update 16:00 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 2: Status update 17:10 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 3: Status update 17:40 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 4: Präsentation als Teil des Loungestreams 18:00-19:00
Tag 4: Trackvorstelllung und Fazit 19:00 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg

Noten, etc. zum Download:

Sunday 16:20

Berg-Karabach zwischen Krieg und Frieden

Der Konflikt zwischen Armenien und Aserbaidschan im Südkaukasus - chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

Im Zuge des diesjährigen rC3 Events soll der Konflikt um die Region Berg-Karabach in diesem Vortrag aufgearbeitet werden. Der seit 26 Jahren andauernder Konflikt entwickelte sich im September diesen Jahres in einen zwischenstaatlichen Krieg zwisch...

Berg-Karabach zwischen Krieg und Frieden
Der Konflikt zwischen Armenien und Aserbaidschan im Südkaukasus

von Larissa Willamowski

Am 27. September 2020 eskalierten Kampfhandlungen armenischer und aserbaidschanischer Truppen in Südkaukasus innerhalb weniger Tage zu einem zwischenstaatlichen Krieg (Stöber 2020). Dieser Ausbruch kommt erschreckend, wenn auch nicht überraschend, zumal sich die Beziehungen beider Staaten in den letzten Jahren zunehmend verschlechtert haben (Gasparyan 2019). Sechs Wochen hielten die blutigen Auseinandersetzungen an, bis in der Nacht vom 9. auf den 10. November unter der Vermittlung des russischen Präsidenten Vladimir Putin bei einem zweiten Versuch ein neuer und, bis heute, weitestgehend eingehaltener Waffenstillstand ausgehandelt werden konnte (Stöber 2020). Im Zuge des diesjährigen rC3 möchte ich den wiederaufgeflammten Konflikt um die Region Berg-Karabach in einem Vortrag aufarbeiten. Ich argumentiere, dass mehr Sichtbarkeit und Transparenz für diesen Konflikt geschaffen werden muss, was sich erstens durch die Involvierung von Regionalmächten, wie der Türkei, und Großmächten, allem voran Russlands, begründet (Abushov 2019). Auch die Rolle des...

Sunday 18:00

Exposure Notification Security

rC1 (en)

Bluetooth is still the best technology we have in a smartphone to implement exposure notifications. It is safe to use the Corona-Warn-App. Fight me! ;)

Wait, what, did Jiska just submit a talk claiming that Bluetooth is secure?! Is this just another 2020 plot twist?

No, it's not. Assuming that we need an app that enables exposure notifications based on distance measurements, Bluetooth is the best trade-off. Audio would be more accurate but requires permanent access to the microphone. GPS does not work indoors, Wi-Fi and LTE chips are less accessible through smartphone APIs, so we're left with Bluetooth. And Bluetooth LE Advertisements are actually a great choice for such a protocol, further reducing exploitability.

As someone who was involved in finding multiple Bluetooth security issues within chips and operating systems, Jiska should be more afraid of Bluetooth, you might think. However, attacking Bluetooth on an up-to-date smartphone with recent chips is very complex and requires physical proximity. Those using outdated smartphones face similar risks when browsing the Internet, without the physical proximity requirement.

There are other issues within the CWA, such as missing awareness of places like restaurants and public transport, and a health system that lacks fast test reports. We should care about real problems...

Schwurbeldemos der Neuen Rechten und Gegenprotest

Aufruf zur reptiloiden Weltrevolution - restrealitaet (de)

Aktivist*innen der "Antiverschwurbelten Aktion" nehmen den kleinen Volksaufstand mit Humor. Seit dem sich die sogenannte Hygiene-Demo auf dem Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin bildete, gehen Echsenmenschen energisch gegen die Schwurbel vor. Es geht u...

  1. begrüßung & schwurbelhack2021

  2. projekt erde

  3. loge der echsenmensch

  4. schwarze wahrheiten

  5. schwurbelgramm

  6. aktionen

  7. was es mit uns macht / bullen

  8. rechtfertigungs-techst

  9. telegram special

  10. intersechionale echszellenz-cluster

  11. alternative medien - antischwurbler

  12. fragen und antworten

The Weakest Link

Wie man mit einem langweiligen Newsletter einen Google oder Microsoft Account übernimmt - chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

Ein Klick auf einen "Unsubscribe"-Link in einem Newsletter reicht oft aus, damit ein Angreifer eine Rufumleitung bei einer Zielperson einrichten kann. Damit lassen sich etwa die Passwörter von mit der Rufnummer verknüpften Google- oder Microsoft-A...

Mobilfunkbetreiber sind weiterhin in vielen Fällen das schwächste Glied einer Sicherheitskette. Dieser Vortrag behandelt mehrere Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Schwachstellen in Webapplikationen von Mobilfunkanbietern, die es ermöglichen, Rufumleitungen einzurichten. In Österreich waren im Jahr 2020 etwa 40% der Nutzer*innen von derartigen Schwachstellen betroffen.

Hacking the Nintendo Game & Watch

Your princess is AES encrypted in another castle - rC2 (en)

On November 13., Nintendo launched its newest retro console, the Nintendo Game and Watch - but by then it was already hacked!

In contrast to the other Nintendo classic consoles (NES & SNES), Nintendo upped their game this time: A locked proces...

The Nintendo Game & Watch was anticipated by a lot of retro-interested folks, and the clear expectation was: We wan't to get more games onto this device!

But Nintendo made the life of hackers harder: The CPU is locked, the external flash AES encrypted, and the USB-C connector does not have its data-lines connected.

But not so fast! In this talk we learn how to exploit the firmware, get code-execution via a NOP-slide, dump the ROMs & RAMs of the device and achieve what everyone has been asking for: DOOM running on the Nintendo Game & Watch.

If you are interested in the full flow from opening up a device, exploiting it, to writing custom drivers for homebrew, this is your talk! And all you need to follow along are a Game & Watch and about $4 of equipment!

Sunday 19:00

What the cyberoptimists got wrong - and what to do about it

Tech unexeptionalism and the monopolization of every goddamned thing - rC1 (en)

They stole our future. Let's take it back.

Here at the end of the world, it's time to take stock. Is technology a force for good? Can it be? Was it ever? How did we end up with a world made up of "five websites, each filled with screenshots of text from the other four" (h/t Tom Eastman)? Should we worry that machine learning will take away our free will through A/B splitting and Big Five Personality Types? Where the fuck did all these Nazis come from?

Accessible input for readers, coders, and hackers

From eyelid blinks to speech recognition - rC2 (en)

When people develop carpal tunnel or various medical conditions, it can be difficult to use mainstream input mechanisms like keyboards, mice, and phone touchscreens. Ideally, accessible input mechanisms can be added to mainstream computers and pho...

When people develop carpal tunnel or various medical conditions, it can be difficult to use mainstream input mechanisms like keyboards, mice, and phone touchscreens. Such users might have to rely on speech recognition, eye tracking, head gestures, etc. Technology allows devices to understand these mechanisms as user input, and hence provide agency and a communication channel to the rest of the world.

Every person's case is a bit different. Sometimes, a fully custom system has to be designed, such as for Stephen Hawking. A team from Intel worked through many prototypes with him, saying: "The design [hinged] on Stephen. We had to point a laser to study one individual." With custom hardware and custom software to detect muscle movements in his cheek, he still could only communicate a handful of words per minute.

In less severe situations, the goal is often to add accessible input mechanisms to mainstream computers and phones. Similarly, a blind person will adapt to using a normal smartphone, despite not being able to see the screen. It is not economical to design myriad variants of hardware to handle many different users who all have slightly different needs. Adapting mainstr...

Sunday 19:10

LVI: Hijacking Transient Execution through Microarchitectural Load Value Injection

chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

Load Value Injection (LVI) is a new class of transient-execution attacks exploiting microarchitectural flaws in modern processors to inject attacker data into a victim program and steal sensitive data and keys from Intel SGX, a secure vault in Int...

Since 2018, we have seen an alarming wave of Meltdown-type attacks: from the
original Meltdown, breaking kernel isolation, over Foreshadow, breaking virtual
machine and SGX enclave isolation, to most recently ZombieLoad, breaking
essentially all of these. All of these attacks exploit CPU vulnerabilities to
leak data, breaking basically all confidentiality guarantees of CPUs. Luckily,
there are already widely deployed countermeasures -- either in hardware or
software -- preventing exploitation of these attacks.

In this talk, we show that despite all countermeasures, the Meltdown effect can
be turned around to inject attacker-controlled data into the microarchitectural
state of any application. This technique, called Load Value Injection (LVI),
smuggles the attacker's data through hidden processor buffers into a victim
program and allows to hijack both transient control flow as well as the data
flow. By forcing a (microarchitectural) fault in the victim, the victim
transiently calculates on maliciously injected data. Especially in the case of
trusted execution environments, such as Intel SGX, where an attacker has full
control of the operating system, adversaries ...

Sunday 20:00

1UP – Analoge Rebellion 2.0

restrealitaet (de)

Die Berliner 1UP Crew hat den Spagat zwischen analoger Rebellion und digitaler Inklusion im Bereich Graffiti geschafft. Einige Vertreter*innen diskutieren mit uns über ihre Facetten der Graffitikultur

Cory Doctorow – Fireside Chat

Reading and Q&A - rC2 (en)

Fireside Chat with Cory Doctorow. Make sure not to miss Cory's main talk "What the cyberoptimists got wrong - and what to do about it" one hour earlier, day 19:00h in rc1.

Hacking German Elections

Insecure Electronic Vote Counting - How It Returned and Why You Don't Even Know About It - rC1 (en)

After the first unsuccessful deployment of voting machines in Germany about ten years ago, elements of electronic voting have reached elections again. Although there is now still a paper-trail, more and more essential steps, such as counting the v...

Elections are a key element of every democracy. However, many democratic countries in the world have to face attacks on them, be it by the government or by foreign countries. Even if ballot counting has been finished, election results are often not accepted but questioned due to alleged manipulations. All these aspects pose major threats to democracy as they try to undermine the actual and publicly perceived integrity of elections.

In Germany, elections are usually considered quite secure. Elections are paper-based and the subsequent ballot-counting is open to the public. The infamous introduction of electronic voting machines about ten years ago was finally stopped by the German Federal Constitutional Court. Thus, everything is human-controlled, transparent, and secure – isn’t it?

Unfortunately, these claims are questionable since the silent introduction of electronic vote counting. The election system in Germany is quite complex, for example in the "Kreistagswahlen" (~district elections) workers have to count up to 70 individual votes per ballot, while respecting a special rule set. This process is very labor-intensive and sufficient election workers are often hard to co...

Sunday 21:20

The Yes Men from Tricksters in an age of dirty tricks

rC1 (en)

Surprise from The one and only Yes Men

Theresa Hannig – Fireside Chat

Lesung und Hintergrundgespräch - rC2 (de)

Lesung aus "Die Unvollkommenen", Vorstellung des aktuellen Buchprojekts "PANTOPIA" und lockere Q&A mit der deutschen SciFi-Bestsellerautorin.

Sunday 22:30

Lesung: Qualityland 2.0

rC1 (de)

Schwer was los in QualityLand, dem besten aller möglichen Länder.

Jeder Monat ist der heißeste seit Beginn der Wetteraufzeichnung, ein Billionär möchte Präsident werden, und dann ist da noch die Sache mit dem Dritten Weltkrieg. Peter Arbeitsloser darf derweil endlich als Maschinentherapeut arbeiten und versucht, die Beziehungsprobleme von Haushaltsgeräten zu lösen. Kiki Unbekannt schnüffelt in ihrer eigenen Vergangenheit herum und bekommt Stress mit einem ferngesteuerten Killer. Außerdem benehmen sich alle Drohnen in letzter Zeit ziemlich sonderbar...

Monday 12:00

Digitales Klassenzimmer

So geht Freie Schulsoftware - chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

In diesem Workshop können Lehrerinnen und Lehrer, Schüler.innen und andere Interessierte in Freie Schulsoftware reinschnuppern.
BigBlueButton? Moodle? Nextcloud? Das sind die digitalen Klassenzimmer der Zukunft.

In diesem Workshop können Lehrerinnen und Lehrer, Schüler.innen und andere Interessierte in Freie Schulsoftware reinschnuppern. BigBlueButton? Moodle? Nextcloud? Das sind die digitalen Klassenzimmer der Zukunft. Verschiedene Referent.innen aus dem Bildungsbereich zeigen euch, wozu die Programme gut sind und was es da zu entdecken gibt. Wir freuen uns auf einen regen Austausch und möchten digitale Bildung gemeinsam gestalten.

5 Jahre blutiger Deal mit Libyen

Ein Einblick in die zivile Luftaufklärung von Sea-Watch - restrealitaet (de)

Gemeinsam mit der Schweizer NGO Humanitarian Pilotes Initiative(HPI) betreibt Sea-Watch seit dem Frühjahr 2017 ein ziviles Aufklärungsflugzeug über dem zentralen Mittelmeer namens Moonbird.
Ein großer Bestandteil der Arbeit ist auch die Dokument...

Monday 12:20

RAMN: Resistant Automotive Miniature Network

A safe platform to study and research automotive systems - rC2 (en)

Studying automotive systems is often expensive and inconvenient, which prevents many people from getting started. To make research and education in automotive systems more accessible, we developed RAMN, an inexpensive open-source testbed that simu...

1) Introduction and motivations (~10 minutes)

We briefly introduce the basics of automotive systems (ECU networks, CAN/CAN-FD), the importance of education and research in automotive security, and our motivations for designing a new testbed.

2) RAMN Introduction (~20 minutes)

In this section, we introduce our new platform. RAMN is an inexpensive CAN/CAN-FD network of four Electronic Control Units (ECU) that can be programmed to simulate an active automotive network in closed-loop with the open-source autonomous driving simulator CARLA. It has the size of a credit card, is powered over USB, and can be recognized as a standard USB-to-CAN adapter. It is contained within one PCB, using only two layers and hand-solderable components. We show several demonstrations, then give details about the hardware (made with KiCAD) and the software (based on STM32 HAL and freeRTOS).

3) Experiments (~10 minutes)

We use Cruise Control as an example algorithm to experiment with, using RAMN and other open-source tools. We analyze the problem, evaluate differential equations using Scilab, establish different control strategies, implement them in C in one of the ECUs and verify the resu...

Scientific Literacy 101

Let's understand how the scientific system works - rC1 (en)

This year saw a major invasion of scientific work into the center of public attention. Scientific results came hot of the press and into the news cycles. For many people, this sudden impact of scientific language, culture and drawing of conclusion...

When we talk about scientific results, we assume most of the time that everybody knows how the scientific system produced them. This assumption can be problematic. The communication of risk and uncertainty, for example, varies greatly between the scientific community and society. A misunderstanding of science, scientific language or scientific publishing can lead to very wrong ideas about how things work.
In this talk, I want to give a beginner friendly crash course on the scientific system. How does one get into science? Who pays for everything? What is scientific uncertainty? How does a scientific paper work? How can we address issues like bias and lack of diversity in science?

I am an eager science communicator, who worked in the past in in molecular biology research and has since left active research to communicate science to the public. My goal is to share my view on the inner workings of science with more people to help them to become more science literate – and ultimately to be able to critically assess communication from researchers, institutions and PR companies. At the end of my talk, I want the audience to have a better understanding not only about the results of...

Monday 13:40

Fuzzing the phone in the iPhone

D-d-d-di-di-d-d-di-d-di-d-di-d-dimm! - rC2 (en)

How secure is the interface between baseband chips and iOS?
While this interface should protect against escalations from the baseband into operating system components, its implementation is
full of bugs. Fuzzing this interface is not only releva...

The baseband chip is the phone within a smartphone. While users might disable Bluetooth or not join untrusted Wi-Fis to increase security, mobile data and phone calls are always on. Some baseband features remain enabled even without an active data pass or SIM card installed.
Thus, baseband chips are a popular target for Remote Code Execution (RCE) attacks. Launched over-the-air, they do not leave any trace on intermediate servers.

With recently published tools, emulating and fuzzing baseband firmware has become accessible and gained a lot of attention by security researchers.
Yet, a critical part of an exploit chain remains escalating from the baseband chip into the operating system. An attacker with code execution in the baseband chip could modify network traffic and escalate with a Web browser exploit. However, wireless communication is already susceptible to manipulation without a baseband exploit due to missing user data integrity protection, as shown by the IMP4GT attacks on LTE.
Moreover, network traffic manipulation still requires the attacker to wait until their target creates traffic in the context of a Web browser.

More stealthy attacks can be achieved via bas...

Nach der Coronakrise ist mitten in der Klimakrise

Wege aus der Klimakrise - Was uns droht und was getan werden müsste - rC1 (de)

Immer neue Hitzerekorde, Dürresommer und Naturkatastrophen führen uns immer drastischer vor Augen, dass ein ungebremster Klimawandel dramatische Auswirkungen für die Menschheit haben wird.

Der Weltklimarat empfiehlt dringend, die globale Erwärmung nicht über 1,5°C steigen zu lassen. Wollen wir das erreichen, müssen wir bereits bis 2040 eine Energieversorgung realisieren, die völlig ohne Erdgas, Erdöl und Kohle auskommt. Mit der aktuellen deutschen Energie- und Klimaschutzpolitik ist ein Einhalten des Pariser Klimaschutzabkommens unmöglich. Dieser Vortrag zeigt, mit welchen Konsequenzen wir beim Verfehlen der Klimaziele rechnen müssen und wie wir diese jetzt noch vermeiden können.

Monday 14:00

Radikale Töchter

Macht kommt von Machen - restrealitaet (de)

Wir sind die Radikalen Töchter und schlagen da auf, wo es passiert: auf dem Land, in Dörfern und Kleinstädten. Wir durchkämmen Deutschland auf der Suche nach aufgeweckten, engagierten Menschen und verbreiten in Delitzsch, Gera und Jamlitz die froh...

bye bye 17 Minuten Politikunterricht in der Woche, hello Ausbildungscamps in Aktionskunst. Wir sind die Radikalen Töchter und schlagen da auf, wo es passiert: auf dem Land, in Dörfern und Kleinstädten. Wir durchkämmen Deutschland auf der Suche nach aufgeweckten, engagierten Menschen und verbreiten in Delitzsch, Gera und Jamlitz die frohe Botschaft der Aktionskunst. Macht kommt von Machen. Unser Trainingsplan aus Aktion, Kunst und Politik hinterlässt eine kritische Masse von Menschen, die für die Demokratie brennt. In den nächsten Jahren werdet ihr von ihnen hören.

Monday 15:00

Advanced Hexagon Diag

Harnessing diagnostics for baseband vulnerability research - rC2 (en)

State-of-the-art report on Qualcomm DIAG diagnostic protocol research, its modern implementation as it appears in Hexagon basebands, advanced harnessing and reverse-engineering on modern off-the-shelf smartphones.

Diag is a proprietary diagnostics and control protocol implemented in omnipresent Qualcomm Hexagon-based cellular modems, such as those built-in Snapdragon SoCs, and named so after the DIAG task in the baseband's RTOS that handles it. Diag presents an interesting non-OTA attack surface via a locally exposed interface channels to both the application processor OS and the USB endpoints, and advanced capabilities for controlling the baseband.

Since Diag was first reverse-engineered around 2010, a lot has changed: mobile basebands are becoming increasingly security-hardened and production-fused, Hexagon architecture is gaining some serious advantages in the competition, and the Diag protocol itself was changed and locked down. Meanwhile, local attack surface in basebands is gaining importance, and so does baseband security and vulnerability research.

In this talk I will present the state-of-the-art on Diag research, based on previously unpublished details about the inner workings of the Diag infrastracture that I reverse-engineered and harnessed for my research purposes, its modern use, and how we can exploit it to talk to the production-fused baseband chip on off-the-shelf ...

Angry weather ?

How human-induced climate change affects weather (& how we know) - rC1 (en)

"Listen to the science" is relatively easy when it comes to mitigating climate change, we need to stop burning fossil fuels. However, climate change is already here, in this talk I'll focus on what the science has to say on extreme weather and los...

For a long time it has not been possible to make the - arguably for the day to day life of most people crucial link – from anthropogenic climate change and global warming to individual weather and climate-related events with confidence but this has changed in recent years. Quantifying and establishing the link between individual weather events, that often lead to large damages, has been the focus of the emerging science of extreme event attribution. Even if a comprehensive inventory of the impacts of climate change today is impossible, event attribution allows us to understand better what climate change means.

Arguably even more importantly, disentangling predictable drivers of an extreme event like anthropogenic climate change, from natural variability and changes in vulnerability and exposure will allow a better understanding of where risks are coming from and in turn how they can be addressed. Extreme events open a window to address the problem of exposure and vulnerability. Scientific evidence of the importance of different drivers is essential to avoid playing blame games and allows instead for a well-informed debate about addressing risk.

Monday 15:10

Wie können wir das digitale Museum aufhalten?

chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

Museen digitalisieren ihre Sammlungen, Dokumentationen und die Vermittlung. Das geht auf verschiedenen Ebenen zu schnell, denn eigentlich wird ihre gesellschaftliche Rolle gerade stark hinterfragt. Nicht nur am Umgang mit kolonialen Erwerbungen en...

Museen sind jetzt digital. Die kolonialen Erwerbungen sind jetzt 3d-Scans. Die rassistischen Klassifizierungen sind jetzt Daten-Ontologien. Die sexistischen Gemälde sind jetzt Bilddateien. Die Kurator*innen sind jetzt Daten-Management. Die Social Media Abteilung sind jetzt Vermittler*innen. Und im Lockdown findet die Führung in Instagram-Stories und Youtube-Videos statt. Die Liste an ethischen Bedenken sollte lang sein. Doch die digitalen Museen walzen munter voran, allein in Berlin müssen ja 5.000.000 Objekte der staatlichen Museen in die Datenbank, 5.000 wurden schon vor 10 Jahren zu Google Arts & Culture gegeben. Dazu werden VR und AI Technologien des Forschens und Vermittelns gehyped. Insbesondere die Behauptung des "geteilten Kulturerbes" wird jedoch in den Sharingökonomien und in den Datensilos zur Farce - meist regiert auch im digitalen Raum der Besitzanspruch und die Deutungshoheit des "Universalmuseums". Der Vortrag umreißt das Problem und macht Vorschläge, wie die bestehende Vorstellung vom digitalen Museum hinterfragt, entschleunigt und mit Gegenentwürfen konfrontiert werden kann.

Monday 16:10

X-ray free electron lasers: A new paradigm in science

chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

New research opportunities, a flood of scientific data and the future of data storage

More than 60 years ago Rosalind Franklin’s X-ray image of DNA helped solve the structure of this important molecule. Today scientists at the world's largest laser, European XFEL, generate thousands of images every second. This data is used to unravel the structures and movements of viruses, nanoparticles, plasmas and magnetic materials. How do researchers store and analyse petabytes of data arriving at a rate of thousands of frames a second? And how could basic research into magnetism and materials pave the way to new data storage media for the future?

Monday 17:10

close encounters @rc3 #2

Update aus der Werkstatt - chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

Wir komponieren und produzieren einen Community Track!

Wer mitsingen oder spielen will, trifft uns während der #rC3!
#ccchoir #orccchestra #creativecommons #music

Tag 1: Status update 16:00 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 2: Status update 17:10 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 3: Status update 17:40 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 4: Präsentation als Teil des Loungestreams 18:00-19:00
Tag 4: Trackvorstelllung und Fazit 19:00 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg

Noten, etc. zum Download:

Monday 18:00

Milk Tea Alliance, let's make protest cute again!

How a beverage reminiscent of colonial past unites the young protestors online across Asia against authoritarian China - restrealitaet (en)

In this pre-recorded performative talk, I will explain the recent formation of "Milk Tea Alliance" and other political memes in southeast Asia, their cultural roots and sociopolitical conditions. I would highlight the creativity and sense of humou...

Following my talk River Crab, Harmony and Euphemism at the camp last year, I continue to decipher online civil disobedience and resistance in Asia in an informative and lighthearted way, providing the cultural and sociopolitical background for the chaotic and curious audience who don’t know where to start.

In this talk, I will explain the recent formation of Milk Tea Alliance, taking examples from social media posts, footage from protest sites, as well as widely circulated pro-democracy propaganda posters. Then I will review the cultural roots and sociopolitical conditions of such an alliance initiated by young protesters in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand, united by their same goal to fight against authoritarianism and pursue a democratic future. What's the power of this hashtag? What has happened in these places? What do they want to change? Will they succeed? I don't promise to give you definite answers, but I would like to share a plethora of opinions from key figures in these movements and explain the mentality of these young people.

I intend to highlight the creativity and sense of humour in the way how young generation of pro-democracy protestors utilise social med...

Der netzpolitische Wetterbericht 2020:

"Wir kommen um uns zu beschweren" - rC2 (de)

Der netzpolitische Wetterbericht schaut zurück und nach vorne: Was sind die aktuell relevantesten netzpolitischen Debatten und was erwartet uns im nächsten Jahr? Welche Themen erhalten zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit und wo gab es Erfolge für die digitale...

Eine kleine Pandemie hielt in diesem Jahr die Politik, Medien und Gesellschaft in Atem. Auch wenn das alles überlagerte, gab es leider noch viel mehr netzpolitische Debatten mehr, die etwas untergingen.

Die Große Koalition befindet sich auf der Zielgeraden und traditionell ist das ein Fest für mehr Überwachungsbefugnisse, auch auf europäischer Ebene durch die aktuelle deutsche Ratspräsidentschaft. Verschlüsselung ist wichtig, soll aber trotzdem Hintertüren bekommen. IT-Sicherheit geht nur mit Staatstrojanern. Uploadfilter kommen, auch wenn das in der PR-Broschüre anders versprochen wurde.

Die EU-Kommission hat sich warm gelaufen, verschiedene Gesetzgebungsverfahren wie der Digital Servce Act oder die Dauerbrenner Verordnung gegen Terrorpropaganda und e-Evidence.

What Price the Upload Filter?

The history and costs of government exceptional access - rC1 (en)

The EU has been pushing for apps that support end-to-end encrypted messaging to contain an upload filter, which will scrutinise material for prohibited content before it's encrypted. This is the latest in a long line of attempts to maintain govern...

Monday 19:20

Building Blocks of Decentralization

chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

Much of our time online continues to be spent in centralized silos. A wide range of projects continue to chip away at building decentralized alternatives, but it's fair to say that decentralized platforms continue to play catch up.

This talk lo...

Lots of decentralized engineering has been happening this year.

The Interplanetary Filesystem restructured its DHT to get content discovery times below 5 seconds. Matrix grew to more than 2,500 federated servers, and got a contract with the German education system. extended the Secure Scuttlebutt gossip protocol to mobile. The crypto-currency community has settled on some strategies for parallel computation to address scaling pains, and are continuing to work on building systems for decentralized governance and organizations.

On the flip side, there remain plenty of big questions these systems are hitting. You can't just keep scaling a DHT without the overhead of connection setups and metadata overwhelming performance. Consistency remains computationally expensive at scale, and decentralization of power and wealth are not solvable with engineering alone.

Attacking CPUs with Power Side Channels from Software: Warum leaked hier Strom? (en)

rC2 (en)

Everyone knows and loves the famous line from the cinematic masterpiece where the IT-Security specialist asks the CPU architect: "Warum leaked hier Strom?" (Why is power leaking here?).

In this talk, we want to answer that question. We demonstrate how we can attack modern processors purely in software, relying on techniques from classical power side-channel attacks. We explain how we abuse the unprivileged access to energy-monitoring features of modern Intel and AMD CPUs. With PLATYPUS, we show how to steal cryptographic keys from the operating system or trusted-execution environments, and how to break kernel address-space layout randomization within seconds. Finally, we discuss the mitigations that prevent our attacks.

Crypto Wars 2.0 (de)

rC1 (de)

Die globale Informationsoperation der 5-Eyes-Allianz & Verbündeter mit FBI, Europol et. al., sowie den nationalen Innen- und Justizministerien gegen E2E-Verschlüsselung. Die Entwicklung dieser Operation zur Durchsetzung gemeinsamer Interessen von ...

Die Resolution des EU-Ministerrats zum "Verschlüsselungsproblem" ist das Ergebnis einer konzertierten Kampagne der Spionageallianz Five Eyes mit FBI, Europol & vielen weiteren Polizeibehörden gegen E2E-Verschlüsselung. 2015 machten sich die Geheimdienste in drei Kontinenten plötzlich große Sorgen um die Überwachungsmöglichkeiten für die Strafverfolger. Die Folge war eine Serie von weltweiten Einzelkampagnen, die abwechselnd von Europol und FBI bzw. den Diensten der „Five Eyes“-Spionageallianz samt NATO-Staaten und den zuständigen Ministern in der Öffentlichkeit gefahren wurden. Jeder bedeutende Move dieser Kampagne folgte zeitversetzt den Terroranschlägen salafistischer Klerikalfaschisten irgendwo in der sogenannten "westlichen Welt"..

Am Anfang standen Nachschlüssel für iPhones von Terroristen, dann kam Geraune über "Going Dark" von FBI & Europol. In Folge wurden "Goldene Schlüssel" gefordert, "Hilfe, die Polizei wird blind" geschrien, dann wurde die ETSI-Überwachungsschnittstelle für Facebook-Messenger, WhatsApp & Co standardisiert, Europol und FBI verlangten plötzlich keine Schlüssel mehr, sondern "Vordertüren". 2018 kamen dann die moderaten Vorschläge des GCHQ an die Bet...

Monday 20:00

Körperverletzung im Amt durch Polizeibeamt:innen

Ergebnisse aus dem Forschungsprojekt KviAPol - restrealitaet (de)

Polizeibeamt:innen, die die gesetzlichen Grenzen für den Einsatz von Gewalt überschreiten, machen sich gemäß § 340 StGB wegen Körperverletzung im Amt strafbar. Den amtlichen Statistiken zufolge werden die allermeisten angezeigten Fälle durch die S...

Monday 20:30

Das Assange-Auslieferungsverfahren

Als Prozessbeobachter in London - rC2 (de)

Die USA hat im Vereinigten Königreich die Auslieferung von Julian Assange beantragt. Dazu fanden dieses Jahr zwei Prozessblöcke statt, die ich beide in London als politischer Beobachter verfolgt habe. Davon werde ich berichten.

Im Februar und im September wurde insgesamt gut fünf Wochen lang über die mögliche Auslieferung von Julian Assange verhandelt. Inzwischen liegen gut 400 Seiten Abschlussstatements beider Parteien vor und für den 04.01.2021 hat die Richterin die Verkündung einer Entscheidung angekündigt.

Im Vortrag möchte ich einen Eindruck davon vermitteln, wie das Verfahren abgelaufen ist, welche Akteure vor Ort aufgetreten sind, welche Punkte diskutiert wurden und ob diese einer Auslieferung entgegenstehen könnten.

Monday 20:40

Spot the Surveillance

How to Identify Police Surveillance at Protests and Large Gatherings - rC1 (en)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Kurt Opsahl with show you how to identify surveillance technologies that law enforcement may use at protests and other public gathering to spying on people exercising their fundamental rights. Learn how to spot...

If you attend a protest, demonstration or any mass gathering in a public space, the police are probably surveilling you. Whether it’s sophisticated facial recognition, ubiquitous video recording, or the instant analysis of our biometric data, law enforcement agencies are following closely behind their counterparts in the military and intelligence services in acquiring privacy-invasive technologies, from automated license plate readers to body-worn cameras to drones and more. In this talk, Kurt Opsahl with show you how to identify surveillance technologies in use:
• Where to look for these devices
• How these technologies look
• How these technologies function
• How they are used by police
• What kind of data they collect
• Where to learn more about them
Knowledge is power. Knowing what technologies are in use can help you understand the threats to your privacy and security, as well as tools to advocate for limits on police use of surveillance that may chill people’s rights to express themselves on public issues. Just as analog surveillance historically has been used as a tool for oppression, policymakers and the public must understand the threat posed by emerging ...

Monday 21:00

remote Stellwerk Experience

Schaffst du es, den Zug fahren zu lassen? - chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

Eisenbahnen fahren nicht einfach so drauflos: wegen der langen Anhaltewege könne man "auf Sicht" nur mit sehr niedriger Geschwindigkeit unterwegs sein (10 km/h). Stattdessen zeigen die Signale (quasi die Ampeln) den Triebfahrzeugführer:innen an, d...

Das Lehrstellwerk der Vereins Verkehrsamateure und Museumbsbahn e. V. wurde ursprünglich von der Deutschen Bundesbahn in den 1960er Jahren aufgebaut. Als in den 1980er Jahren die Fahrdienstleiter:innen-Ausbildung neu organisiert wurde, wurde das Lehrstellwerk zunächst an den Verein Freunde der Eisenbahn (FdE) und schließlich an den VVM in Hamburg abgegeben.

dl8xas und stb betreuen als ehrenamtliche Mitarbeiter das Stellwerk, kümmern sich um den Erhalt der Technik, und erklären interessieren Menschen, wie Stellwerke und die Eisenbahnsicherungtechnik in Deutschland und angrenzenden Ländern funktioniert.

Wir starten unser Event mit einer kleinen Einleitung, in der wir einige Grundbegriffe erklären und den Ablauf einer Zugfahrt aus Stellwerkssicht vorführen. Dann seid ihr dran: über eine Videokonferenz kann jeweils ein:e Kandidat:in sehen, was die Bediener:in des Stellwerks sieht, und Anweisung geben, welche Hebel gezogen und welche Knöpfe gedrückt werden sollen. Wenn alles richtig gemacht wird, kann man den Signalhebel auf "Fahrt" legen, und der (virtuelle) Zug setzt sich in Bewegung.

Wir stellen euch rechtzeitig vor Beginn ein kleines "Cheat Sheet" mit den verschiedenen H...

Monday 21:40

Turning Facial Recognition Against the Police

rC1 (en)

In October 2020, Paolo Cirio collected 1000 public images of police officers in photos taken during protests in France and processed them with Facial Recognition software.

Cirio then created an online platform with a database of the resulting 4000 faces of police officers to crowdsource their identification by name. Cirio also printed the officers’ headshots as street art posters and posted them throughout Paris to expose them in the public space. This provocation generated reactions by the French Interior Minister, police unions and families, major media outlets, and the communities of protesters in France.

The project Capture comments on the potential uses and misuses of Facial Recognition and Artificial Intelligence by questioning the asymmetry of power at play. The lack of privacy regulations of such technology eventually turns against the same authorities that urge the use of it.

Ultimately, as an activist, Cirio introduced a campaign to ban Facial Recognition technology in all of Europe by organizing a petition in collaboration with privacy organizations.

Monday 21:50

CIA vs. Wikileaks

Intimiditation surveillance and other tactics observed and experienced - rC2 (en)

In this talk, I aim to report and show a collection of observations, physical, visual and other evidence of the last years incidents that strongly indicate a context of the US Central Intelligence Agency and/or potentially other entities of the US...

While the area of technical surveillance, SIGINT/COMINT and related Organizations and Methods have been more or less well understood in the hacker scene, the tactics and methods experienced and discussed in this talk are of a different type: For the moment, I would call it "initimidation surveillance" as it lacks the aspect of "covert" type of actions.

On the last Chaos Communication Congress, I have analysed the technical aspects of the surveillance in and surrounding the ecuadorian embassy where Julian Assange stayed; this talk shows what happened to other people - friends of Assange, supporters of Wikileaks etc - not only in England, but also in other countries / other parts of the world.

The idea is to not only show the scope of activities but also to contribute to a better understanding of these tactics, that might be applied also in completely different political environments where governments act in extralegal ways against activities they dislike, although they that are not a crime or easily criminalized.

Tuesday 12:00

Globalisierung, Digitalisierung und die Wachstumsfrage

rC1 (de)

Auch wenn CO2-Moleküle und Corona-Viren naturwissenschaftlich nicht vergleichbar sind, bilden sie eine seltsame Allianz -- sowohl ihre Ursachen, als auch ihre Konsequenzen betreffend. Die digitale Revolution erweist sich als DER Brandbeschleuniger...


Open Source Hardware for Care - rC2 (en)

Welcome to Careables!
Care-receivers, healthcare professionals and makers join forces to co-create careables: tailor-made open solutions that tackle permanent or temporary disability. Careables is an open and inclusive approach to healthcare base...

We will show the latest developments that were designed and made in co-creation formats in the Netherlands, Brazil, Ghana, Italy, Nepal, Germany and the online world. Diy lightening canes, e-scooter hacks for wheelchair users, and writing aids: things that make the lives of people with disabilities easier; tools that break down barriers and allow communication, shared openly for building a world that is more accessible for diverse individuals together.

Presented by: Sandra Mamitzsch, Isabelle Dechamps, Beatrice Barth, Paulien Melis and Enrico Bassi on behalf of the Careables community.

Tuesday 13:00

liketohear - Self-Adjustment of Open Source Mobile Hearing Aid Prototype

intuitive enhancement and manipulation of environmental sounds - rC2 (en)

I'll speak about the liketohear framework providing an intuitive gui for self-adjusting the mobile openMHA hearing aid prototype.

I want to give a brief introduction to the how-to of this DIY open source prototype, which is based on accessible...

We developed the liketohear framework with intuitve gui control via web app for adjustments of the open source mobile hearing aid prototype. Designed for personalized field research in daily life situations this prototype is deployed on available hardware (a.o. Raspberry Pi), foolproof, portable and running for a approx. 4 hours. Environmental sound is manipulated by change of volume and frequencies emphasis. Audio levels and adjustment parameters can be logged.

We tested the liketohear framework with 57 persons in daily life situations and evaluated the user data.

Originally the liketohear framework was created for the field research within the #CitizenScience project "Hear How You Like To Hear" of Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenburg (supported by BMBF).

Ramming Enclave Gates: A Systematic Vulnerability Assessment of TEE Shielding Runtimes

rC1 (en)

This talk presents an extensive security analysis of trusted-execution environment shielding runtimes, covering over two years of continuing research and leading to 7 CVE designations in industry-grade Intel SGX enclave SDKs.

For the first time, we develop a systematic way of reasoning about enclave shielding responsibilities categorized across 11 distinct classes across the ABI and API tiers. Our analysis revealed over 40 new interface sanitization vulnerabilities, and we developed innovative techniques to aid practically exploitation through among others CPU register poisoning, timer-based single-stepping, rogue CPU exception handlers, and side-channel-based cryptanalysis. We finally analyze tendencies across the landscape and find that developers continue to make the same mistakes, calling for improved vulnerability detection and mitigation techniques.

This talk overviews the security and state of practice of today's Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) shielding runtimes from both industry and research. Our systematic analysis uncovered over 40 re-occurring enclave interface sanitization vulnerabilities in 8 major open-source shielding frameworks for Intel SGX, RISC-V, and Sancus TEEs. The resulting vulnerability landscape enables attackers to poison victim programs through both low-level CPU state, including previously overlooked attack vectors through the x86 status flags and floating-point c...

Tuesday 14:00

Patente töten.

Wie Politik und Pharma den gerechten Zugang zum Impfstoff verhindern - rC1 (de)

Ob sie von Biontec, Curevac oder Moderna kommen werden, schon jetzt haben sich wenige reiche Länder den Löwenanteil der aussichtsreichsten Covid-19-Impfstoffe gesichert. Dabei ist Corona erst dann vorbei, wenn es für alle vorbei ist.

Doch Europas Regierungen untergraben die globale Kooperation zur Überwindung der Gesundheitskrise und sichern das Recht auf Gewinne für die Pharmaindustrie ab. Wer sind die Gewinner, wer die Verlierer beim Wettlauf um den Impfstoff? Und was hat die Gates Stiftung damit zu tun?

„Niemand ist sicher vor COVID-19, bevor nicht alle davor sicher sind. Selbst wer das Virus in seinen eigenen nationalen Grenzen besiegt, bleibt Gefangener dieser Grenzen, solange es nicht überall besiegt ist.“ Völlig zutreffend beschrieb Bundespräsident Frank Walter Steinmeier bei der Eröffnung des World Health Summit am 25. Oktober in Berlin das Wesen der Pandemie: Die Befreiung vom Virus bedarf eines globalen Handelns. Deutschland, Europa und alle anderen großen Industrienationen verhindern allerdings genau das. Eine kleine Gruppe reicher Länder, die 13 Prozent der Weltbevölkerung repräsentieren, hat sich bereits mehr als die Hälfte der zukünftigen Versorgung mit führenden COVID-19-Impfstoffen gesichert, berichtet die Hilfsorganisation Oxfam. Konkret haben die reichen Länder bereits mehr als fünf Milliarden Dosen von Impfstoffen aus den Kandidatenländern gekauft oder sind dabei, sie zu kaufen, bevor d...

„Mein Huren-Manifest“ – Online-Lesung und Gespräch mit Undine de Rivière

chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

Über Prostituierte glaubt jeder Bescheid zu wissen: Huren verkaufen ihre Seele. Die meisten werden zum „Anschaffen“ gezwungen. Mafiose Strukturen bestimmen das Geschäft. Mit solchen und anderen Klischees räumt die Sexarbeiterin Undine de Rivière a...

Über Prostituierte glaubt jeder Bescheid zu wissen: Huren verkaufen ihre Seele. Die meisten werden zum „Anschaffen“ gezwungen. Mafiose Strukturen bestimmen das Geschäft.

Mit solchen und anderen Klischees räumt die Sexarbeiterin Undine de Rivière auf. Sie gibt einen unerwartet differenzierten Einblick in die Welt zwischen BDSM-Studio, Laufhaus und Gangbang-Party und lässt Kolleginnen, Freier, Betreiber und Experten zu Wort kommen – offen und ehrlich. Ein Insiderbericht, wie es hinter den Kulissen eines Wirtschaftszweigs zugeht, über den meist nur Halbwissen und Pauschalurteile verbreitet werden – ein starker Appell für die Entkriminalisierung einer umstrittenen Berufsgruppe.

Ich freue mich auf viele Fragen und eine lebhafte Diskussion!

Measuring radioactivity using low-cost silicon sensors

A DIY particle physics detector in a tin box. - rC2 (en)

This talk gives a brief introduction to natural radioactivity and shows how a detector can be built from simple photodiodes. The electronics are easy to solder for beginners and provide a hands-on opportunity for entering the exciting world of mod...

Natural radioactivity surrounds us everywhere and is composed of different kinds of ionising radiation or subatomic particles. This talk presents a DIY particle detector based on low-cost silicon photodiodes and its relations to modern detectors like the ones developed at CERN.

The project is open hardware, easy to solder for beginners, and intended for citizen science & educational purposes. In contrast to simpler Geiger-Müller counters, this detector measures the energy of impinging particles and can distinguish in particular between alpha particles and electrons from beta decays. A cheap USB sound card or smartphone headset connection can be employed for recording the signals. Corresponding data analysis scripts written in python and related tools from particle physics research will be briefly discussed.

An introduction about terrestrial and cosmic sources of radioactivity will be given together with details on the interaction of ionising radiation in silicon. I will conclude with a discussion of interesting every-day objects that are worthwhile targets for investigation and show example measurements of characteristic alpha particle energy spectra - without using expen...

Tuesday 15:00

This Is Not A Game (de)

Eine kurze Geschichte von Q als Mindfuck-Spiel - rC1 (de)

Dieser Vortrag beschreibt die Entwicklung von QAnon als Spiel mit Realität und überlegt, weshalb dieser Verschwörungsmythos sich derart schnell verbreiten konnte.

"Alternate Reality Games" sind eine relativ junge interaktive Erzählform, die einige interessante Eigenschaften hat. ARGs sind medienübergreifend, fesseln ihre Spielenden durch gemeinsames Recherchieren und Austauschen und benutzen dabei die je individuellen Leben der Spieler:innen als eigentliche Spielplattform. So können sie in kurzer Zeit sehr aktive und mitunter erstaunlich dauerhafte Gemeinschaften organisieren.

Seit der Verbreitung von QAnon-Mythos und -Marke haben wiederholt Beobachter:innen darauf hingewiesen, dass es sich hierbei um eine Weiterentwicklung des Spielprinzips "Larping" zu einer Form handelt, die Parallelen zu Alternate Reality Games aufweist. Wenn auch natürlich nicht in Gänze erklären, so kann diese Perspektive doch dabei helfen, die spezielle Attraktivität von QAnon besser zu verstehen.

Im Vortrag versuche ich Qeschichte, Hinterqründe und einige Sqielaspekte zusammenzufassen und mit eindeutig zu vielen Screenshots zu illustrieren. Dabei wird es vor allem um die Entwicklung im Kontext der US-Politik gehen.

The EU Digital Services Act package

how to esure that the EU meets the goal of creating systemic regulation of large online platforms with users' fundamental rights in its center - rC2 (en)

During this event, we will discuss and propose basic safeguards that should be included in the DSA legislative package to make sure that fundamental rights of users, their empowerment and free choice are in the center of the upcoming legislation.

The Internet has seen better times. Meant to liberate users, being online has become synonymous with being locked into a few powerful platforms, being tracked across the web without options to dissent and being left at the mercy of algorithmic decision systems that curate our online lives. Fundamental principles like transparency, openness, and informational self-determination that used to be central to the early days of the Internet seem to have been undermined significantly in the past decades.

In the European Union, there is an opportunity to remedy this: the Digital Services Act is the most significant reform of Europe’s central platform legislation, and an unparalleled opportunity to formulate a bold, evidence based vision to address some of today’s most pressing challenges. To preserve what works, to fix what is broken. The need for systemic regulation of large online platforms is justified and necessary. There is an enormous power imbalance between the large platforms and their users. In recent years, continuous scandals and increased media coverage have made it clear to the public that companies are exercising this power and making enormous profits without taking su...

Tuesday 15:10

Organizational Psychology and Software Teams

Measurable Connections between Psychological Constructs and the Perception of Team Members - chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

We work and research in the field of work and organizational psychology in tech teams and companies. In this talk we will give insights into: How can software development teams be supported by organizational psychology? How can the collaboration i...

This talk will give a short insight into the used psychological constructs, followed by showing some research results and giving explanations on how to make use of the findings for working in software development teams.

Tuesday 16:00

Etherify - bringing the ether back to ethernet

Primitive soft tempest demos: exfiltrating data via leakage from ethernet and more :) - chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

In this talk i will describe shortly the concept of soft tempest, and show a demo of etherify and sonify. Etherify uses radio frequency leakage from ethernet to exfiltrate data. Sonify uses ultrasound.
Both demos by design use very primitive to...

Tuesday 17:00

#DiVOC Forever

Accept no substitutes! - chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

DiVOC - Digitally distributed Online Chaos - is a series of online gatherings that has been happening in Chaos orbit during 2020. DiVOC is not a substitute for all those meetings that we so bemoan to not have been able to attend in person, but it ...

The pandemic has led to a the cancellation of various Chaos events that a multitude of creatures would have loved to attend in 2020. Stepping in at the dates suddenly left unbooked in organisers' and participants' calendars, digitally distributed online Chaos aka DiVOC has been happening instead. From a predictably chaotic starting state, a rather unpredicted degree of self-organisation and complexity quickly began to emerge, with a dedicated community carrying a growing pool of experience and lessons learned forward through a series of events as the year progressed. In this talk, we would like to walk you through a behind-the-scenes review, highlighting a variety of perspectives, and in doing so explore how DiVOC is quite fundamentally different from yet-another-conference-moved-online-by-necessity. DiVOC is not a substitute for all those meetings that we so bemoan to not have been able to attend in person, but it did create a legacy that might indeed remain useful well into the future. We will emphasize the community aspect and, in the true spirit of DiVOC, invite you to start participating.

Tuesday 17:40

close encounters @rc3 #3

Update aus der Werkstatt - chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

Wir komponieren und produzieren einen Community Track!

Wer mitsingen oder spielen will, trifft uns während der #rC3!
#ccchoir #orccchestra #creativecommons #music

Tag 1: Status update 16:00 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 2: Status update 17:10 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 3: Status update 17:40 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 4: Präsentation als Teil des Loungestreams 18:00-19:00
Tag 4: Trackvorstelllung und Fazit 19:00 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg

Noten, etc. zum Download:

Tuesday 18:00

Nazis in Games

Depiction, Normalization, Consequences - restrealitaet (en)

The depiction of Nazis in games tends to downplay their atrocities and facilitate the normalization of fascist aesthetics and ideologies. Even in a playful and lighthearted context, this normalization has consequences that can and should be avoide...

World War II might be just one of many historical settings in games, but the representation of Nazis makes it a particularly tricky one. Especially if developers are trying to sell an entertainment product and provide players with all the freedom they might wish for, they frequently decide not to depict the Holocaust, for example. Such a decision, however, contributes to an embellished picture of Nazi Germany, which is then offered to players – some of which are apparently craving Nazi content. Their ideology, weaponry, and aesthetics seem to appeal to certain players in a peculiar way, as can be seen in user-created content, profiles, and discussions.
No matter what the intention behind such behavior is, the abundance of Nazi representations in gaming communities has harmful consequences. By keeping the line between role-play and actual propagation of fascist ideologies blurry, gaming communities make themselves a rather uncomfortable place for all but the most privileged of players, while at the same time offering an excellent playground for actual fascists. Players, moderators, and developers regularly face backlash when advocating for more inclusive communities – at least w...

Nazis in Games

Depiction, Normalization, Consequences - rC1 (en)

The depiction of Nazis in games tends to downplay their atrocities and facilitate the normalization of fascist aesthetics and ideologies. Even in a playful and lighthearted context, this normalization has consequences that can and should be avoide...

World War II might be just one of many historical settings in games, but the representation of Nazis makes it a particularly tricky one. Especially if developers are trying to sell an entertainment product and provide players with all the freedom they might wish for, they frequently decide not to depict the Holocaust, for example. Such a decision, however, contributes to an embellished picture of Nazi Germany, which is then offered to players – some of which are apparently craving Nazi content. Their ideology, weaponry, and aesthetics seem to appeal to certain players in a peculiar way, as can be seen in user-created content, profiles, and discussions.
No matter what the intention behind such behavior is, the abundance of Nazi representations in gaming communities has harmful consequences. By keeping the line between role-play and actual propagation of fascist ideologies blurry, gaming communities make themselves a rather uncomfortable place for all but the most privileged of players, while at the same time offering an excellent playground for actual fascists. Players, moderators, and developers regularly face backlash when advocating for more inclusive communities – at least ...

Unconventional HDL synthesis experiments

Will it synthesize? - rC2 (en)

Most synthesis goes from hardware description languages to FPGA bitstreams or ASIC designs, but what else can you do? In this talk I will demonstrate some more unconventional flows to inspire you about all the amazing experiments that are enabled ...

After a short intro about the open source FPGA ecosystem, I will introduce a project by Dan Ravensloft and myself that synthesizes HDL to 74xx logic chips. Then I will cover a project of mine that synthesizes spreadsheets to HDL. And from there to 74xx logic???

Wie Nerds überleben, wenn down ist

Prepping, hamstern, einen Vorrat haben oder nur aufs Beste hoffen? - chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

Stromausfall im Münsterland, Corona selbst oder die unterbrochenen weltweiten Lieferketten dadurch. Eine überschaubare Vorbereitung jeder*s Einzelnen ist wichtig. Denn die Hoffnung, dass "der" Katastrophenschutz es schon richten wird, ist zum Sche...

Unsere Abhängigkeit von Kritischen Infrastrukturen (KRITIS) ist groß. Doch Banken, Logistik und Verwaltung haben viele dabei nicht auf dem Schirm. Und doch sind sie Systemrelevant. Nicht nur Krankenhäuser, Strom und Wasser. Wir möchten vorstellen, warum ein frühzeitiges, anlassloses vorbereiten wichtig ist. Denn sich erst zu kümmern, wenn es soweit ist, ist leider zu spät. Im Frühjahr im Baumarkt schnell ein paar FFP2 Masken holen? Die Regale waren leer.

Damit euch die vorhersehbaren Dinge nicht ausgehen, schauen wir uns gemeinsam die Struktur vom Rettungswesen, den Katastrophenschutz und den Verwaltungsebenen an. Warum stoppen Katastrophen an Landesgrenzen (sic!)? Was kann der KatS wirklich? Welche Dinge helfen mir, sicher(er) eine unvorhergesehene Situation zu überstehen? Reichen der Supermarkt gegenüber und der Pizzaservice wirklich? Welche Hinweise gibt das BBK und warum? Geht es "einfach nur um Hamstern"?

Grundlage der gemeinsamen Besprechung ist die Broschüre "für den Notfall vorgesorgt" von Auch wenn wir Papier sparen wollen, es ist Sinnvoll, die vorher auszudrucken. Bei Stromausfall können einige Wenige von euch noch drucken, aber das sind die Wenigsten...

Tuesday 19:00

Twilight - Broadcasting Ice Sculpture

Open Online Light Sound Art Happening - chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

Illuminated Ice blockes are melting.
The ice/light/sound installation is an ongoing project which started 2009.
In my talk I want to give an introduction to my motivation, the global ice melting.
The installation brings this abstract knowledg...

I will show visualizations and numbers of the impact of the climate change on the global ice amount.

The installation was shown in many collaborations, contexts, galleries, festivals, etc.

Since a few years I started to work with sensors to count the drops and create sound by sensors and electronics. I will give an overview about my experiences and future ideas.

I invite artists and data scientists to take part in further developments in sound, light, data and digital participation. Find source code, data and instructions on github.

To get an impression about the installation watch the videos below
After the talk will be live video streaming.

LightKultur in Deutschland

Clubkultur oder wie modern ist unser Kulturbegriff? - rC2 (de)

In den letzten Monaten der coronabedingten Kulturkrise hat sich aus der Initiative von unterschiedlichen Clubs, Clubverbänden und durch den Support des CCC ein bundesweites Projekt entwickelt für die kulturelle Anerkenung der Clubkultur.

Die #clubsAREculture- Kampagne startet Ende 2020 mit einem Panel auf dem rC3 mit Speaker:innen wie Berthold Seliger (Konzertagent, Autor), Pamela Schobeß von der ClubCommission Berlin, Tobias Rapp (Autor) und Judith van Waterkant (DJ, Artist).

Ist eine Cola light nun eine Cola oder nicht? Die Geister scheiden sich da vielleicht, allemal würde man beiden aber eine Existenz als koffeinhaltiges Erfrischungsgetränk zubilligen…

So ähnlich ist das auch mit der Kultur: Während Opern, Theater und Konzerthäuser seit jeher als Teil der Kultur anerkannt sind, haben Musikclubs damit zu kämpfen, selbstverständlich als vollwertiger Teil der Kultur betrachtet zu werden.

Darf man Hochkultur also nur genießen, sich aber nicht vergnügen? Ist Clubkultur dann Kultur light oder um es mit Merz` klar mittelständischen Worten zu sagen: Lightkultur? Wo wird heute tatsächlich Kultur erlebt und wer bzw. was ist das genau? Können wir in einer Welt der Digitalisierung und Globalisierung ernsthaft noch einen Kulturbegriff anwenden der Jahrhunderte alt ist und trotzdem die Kulturpolitik bestimmt?

Es geht um Kulturgeschichte, technische Entwicklungen, Medien, Generationskonflitke, Mehrwertsteuersa...

Tut mal kurz weh – Neues aus der Gesundheits-IT

rC1 (de)

The Boys are back in Town: Dieses Jahr haben sich Tschirsich und Saatjohann zusammengetan und zeigen euch unter medizinischer Aufsicht von cbro den Zustand des deutschen vernetzten Gesundheitswesen.

Es erwartet euch eine Reise in die unendeckten Welten der Praxis-Serverschränke, da wo seit Jahren schon Millionen Patientendaten darauf warten ins Internet freigelassen zu werden.

Hier, wo es keine verbindlichen technischen Richtlinien gibt, wo das Gesetz der IT-Sicherheits-Straße zählt: 'Sicher' ist, wenn nicht drüber berichtet wird.

Aber auch da wo es strenge Normen und Regeln gibt, da wo die Öffentlichkeit hin schaut, passieren Dinge: Sicherheits-Protokolle werden mit der heißen Nadel gestrickt, Daten werden an die ganze Welt gespendet, und eine Kontaktverfolgung möchte in das öffentliche Internet.

Tuesday 20:00

Die alternativlose Umverteilungs-Gala!

mv -r grunewald/money everyone/money - restrealitaet (de)

Das Quartiersmanagement Grunewald präsentiert innovative Interventionen im Villenviertel in einer flamboyanten Umverteilungs-Show! Lassen Sie sich anstiften von Spass und Spannung des autonomen Streetworking! Hands-On-Wirtschaftspolitik muss nicht...

Es ist offensichtlich! Die krasse Ungleichverteilung von Reichtum ist das Haupthindernis bei der Bewältigung dringender sozialer Probleme, sei es nun Wohnungsmangel, prekäre Arbeitsverhältnisse, Armut oder Klimakatastrophe. In einem Modelprogramm arbeitet das Quartiersmanagement Grunewald direkt mit der schwierigen Klientel der Vermögenden, es besucht die isolierte Parallelgesellschaft im Problemkiez Berlin-Grunewald und reicht die helfende Hand! Unsere Botschaft an die oberen 10%: Der Trend geht zur Selbst-Enteignung!

Tuesday 20:20

Hacking Diversity: The Politics of Inclusion in Open Technology Cultures

Christina Dunbar-Hester - rC2 (en)

A firsthand look at efforts to improve diversity in software and hackerspace communities

Hacking, as a mode of technical and cultural production, is commonly celebrated for its extraordinary freedoms of creation and circulation. Yet surprisingly few women participate in it: rates of involvement by technologically skilled women are drastically lower in hacking communities than in industry and academia. Hacking Diversity investigates the activists engaged in free and open-source software to understand why, despite their efforts, they fail to achieve the diversity that their ideals support.

Christina Dunbar-Hester shows that within this well-meaning volunteer world, beyond the sway of human resource departments and equal opportunity legislation, members of underrepresented groups face unique challenges. She brings together more than five years of firsthand research: attending software conferences and training events, working on message boards and listservs, and frequenting North American hackerspaces. She explores who participates in voluntaristic technology cultures, to what ends, and with what consequences. Digging deep into the fundamental assumptions underpinning STEM-oriented societies, Dunbar-Hester demonstrates that while the preferred solutions of tech enthu...

Zoë Beck – Fireside Chat

Lesung und Hintergrundgespräch - rC1 (de)

Lesung und lockeres Gespräch mit der vielfach ausgezeichneten deutschen Bestseller-Autorin.

Mitmachen unter:

Tuesday 21:40

OPENCOIL – A Roaming Speedshow

or the fine art of appropriating inductive charging pads in the wild. - rC2 (en)

[EN] The OPENCOIL exhibition explores the impact of micro-mobility services on urban space by using its decentralised infrastructure as an exhibition space, while also addressing the conditions and effects of this infrastructure.

[DE] D...

[EN] 11 artists were invited to present their work on a small Wifi controller with ~2MB offline memory.

These "digital gallery spaces" are attached to 11 randomly selected e-scooters. Thus the exhibition, unnoticed by the regular users of these scooters, drives through the city as a "roaming speed show".

While capacity restrictions and the preferred avoidance of gatherings in closed spaces pose challenges on traditional galleries and museums, OPENCOIL aims to combine the independence of the online with the materiality of the offline (and vice versa). The infrastructure of "micro-mobility services" will be taken over - climate-neutral and decentralised.

The pavements of many cities around the world have been flooded in recent years by so-called 'dockless sharing vehicles'. With promises of eco-friendliness and electromobility, these risk capitalism activists have occupied the grey zone between private and public space on the streets of our cities. However, this unscrupulous conscientiousness of 'micro-mobility services' raises important questions about urban space, ownership, agency, production, ecology and very late capitalism.

How to deal with the occupation of publ...

Andreas Eschbach – Fireside Chat

Lesung und Hintergrundgespräch - rC1 (de)

Lesung aus N.S.A. und lockeres Gespräch mit dem deutschen SciFi-Autor.

Mitmachen unter:

Wednesday 12:00

COVID-19 Exposure Notifications

rC2 (en)

The Google/Apple Exposure Notifications protocol (GAEN) and COVID-19 contact tracings apps using it are probably among the most discussed tech topics of 2020. This talk gives a summary of how GAEN works and how it is used by COVID-19 tracing apps....

The general concepts of the DP-3T protocol that forms the basis for GAEN has been discussed largely in media and is described even in the apps itself. I will explain the details of the GAEN protocol specifically as those are relevant to get better insights on privacy implications.

I will further outline how the protocol is used in practice, i.e. how apps are using it, which role Apple and Google have. The focus of this will be on the German Corona-Warn-App and the Android operating system.

In the end, I will present some of the valid criticisms against the protocol (and its realization), recently causing politicians to ask for "less privacy". I will present some attempts on solutions to improve the operating system and apps to tackle some of the issues. And will tell you how getting root access to your Android phone can finally save lives.

Über mutierte Viren, tödliche Impfungen und den täglichen Wahnsinn in der Notaufnahme

Medizinisch-wissenschaftliche Hintergrundinformationen zur Corona Pandemie aus einer aktivistisch regierungskritischen Perspektive - restrealitaet (de)

Medizinisch-wissenschaftliche Hintergrundinformationen zur Corona Pandemie aus einer radikal aktivistischen und regierungskritischen Perspektive.

Gefährliches Halbwissen, mißinterpretierte Statistiken und richtige Fakten, mit denen falsch argumentiert wird, bestimmen den öffentlichen Diskurs über die Corona Pandemie und ihre Auswirkungen. Medizinisches Wissen, Epidemiologie, Statistik, gesellschaftliche und wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen, sowie politische Stellungnahmen werden wild durcheinander geworfen und die absurdesten Zusammenhänge gezogen. In diesem Vortrag sollen die wichtigsten medizinischen Grundlagen zur aktuellen Pandemie vereinfacht dargelegt (immunologisch, infektiologisch und intensivmedizinisch), ein Blick auf die weltweite Geschichte der Pandemien geworfen, kurz das Themengebiet Statistik gestreift und Einblicke in den Alltag in einem Level-2-Corona-Krankenhauses gegeben werden.
Auf der Basis dieser wissenschaftlichen Perspektive einer Medizinerin mit der praktischen Erfahrung einer Krankenhaus-Angestellten soll ein Input aus der Perspektive einer regierungskritische Aktivistin gegeben werden. Schon immer waren die Bereiche Antikapitalismus, Antirassismus, gesundheitspolitische (Un)Gerechtigkeit und der Kampf gegen die Privatisierung des Krankenhaussystems und die Macht der Pharmakonzerne die Kernthemen d...

Wednesday 12:30

SSI in Hamburg: real-world applications of self-sovereign identities

chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

In this talk, we will present some ideas how SSI could change – and drastically simplify – interactions in the real world.

In this talk, we will present some ideas how SSI could change – and drastically simplify – interactions in the real world. We will focus on mobility, but also touch upon why public services are a necessary ingredient. A key challenge is identified: how to motivate widespread use, and you are invited to join the discussion.

Wednesday 12:40

Climate Tipping Points

rC1 (en)

Politicians, economists and even some natural scientists have tended to assume that tipping points in the Earth system — such as the loss of the Amazon rainforest or the West Antarctic ice sheet — are of low probability and little understood. Yet ...

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) introduced the idea of tipping points two decades ago. At that time, these ‘large-scale discontinuities’ in the climate system were considered likely only if global warming exceeded 5 °C above pre-industrial levels. Information summarized in the two most recent IPCC Special Reports (published in 2018 and in September 2019) suggests that tipping points could be exceeded even between 1 and 2 °C of warming (see ‘Too close for comfort’).

If current national pledges to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions are implemented — and that’s a big ‘if’ — they are likely to result in at least 3 °C of global warming. This is despite the goal of the 2015 Paris agreement to limit warming to well below 2 °C. Some economists, assuming that climate tipping points are of very low probability (even if they would be catastrophic), have suggested that 3 °C warming is optimal from a cost–benefit perspective. However, if tipping points are looking more likely, then the ‘optimal policy’ recommendation of simple cost–benefit climate-economy models aligns with those of the recent IPCC report. In other words, warming must be limited to 1.5 °C. This requires ...

Wednesday 13:00


Behind the scenes: Invisible, yet important - rC2 (en)

The German Corona-Warn-App was published on June 16, 2020 and has been downloaded more than 23 million times since then. Data privacy and security have been and are of most importance in this project – even when they are invisible to most users. I...

When looking at an mobile app, many people forget about the backend. However, especially when designing this component of the overall system it is very important, that it is not possible to learning about users' behaviours and the situation they are in, by observing the data traffic. For the Corona-Warn-App this specifically applies to the test results and the sharing of diagnosis keys in case of a positive diagnosis. To protect users (i.e. to create plausible deniability), the Corona-Warn-App uses a playbook, which simulates a realistically looking communication between mobile app and backend, even if there is no need for communication at that point of time. In this session, Thomas Klingbeil will shed light on those and other mostly invisible aspects of the app (e.g. the risk calculation).

A DID-Method for Blobaa

chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

In this talk, we will present the bba DID method and how it fits into the Trust over Ip Stack (SSI Stack)

Wednesday 14:00

Biohacking in art

An interdisciplinary foray from slime moulds to fungi and cell culture - restrealitaet (en)

With her transdisciplinary works, media artist Theresa Schubert manages to make the fine connective tissue between human / nature on the one hand and science / technology on the other visible and, above all, tangible. Often, organic materials such...

I could not resist

Resists for Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) - rC2 (en)

Photoresists are one of the essential ingredients for chip manufacturing and micro/nano engineering.
We will show how we’re using them in a DIY Electron Beam Lithography set-up and how you’re able to cook your own cheap resists and mix your own d...

Resists? What's that?

  • What are their applications

  • How does it work (types (positive/negative), chemistry, proximity effect, dosage etc)

EBL? What's that?

  • How does it work

  • Pros & cons: comparison between EBL (slow) photolithography (fast)

  • Which resist can I use for EBL

DIY cooking of PMMA based resists

  • Comparison of different solvents

Composition of different developers

  • Comparison of different developers


  • Usage as a mask

  • Usage as a structural dielectric material

  • ...(?)

The EBL exposure process

  • simple SEM retrofitted with an EBL controller

  • The common file formats (GDSII & OASIS)

  • Scan-Gen: how to generate the proper curves for the exposure

  • Hardware: off-the-shelf embedded modules like the RedPitaya

  • Generation of different filling curve styles, calibration, compensation of the proxi...

The big melt: Tipping points in Greenland and Antarctica

rC1 (en)

Storing ice volumes of more than 65 meters sea-level equivalent, the ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica are by far the largest potential source of future sea-level rise. Their long-term stability thus determines the fate of our coastal cities ...

Wednesday 15:00

Rückblick auf ein turbulentes Jahr digitale Schule

rC2 (de)

Ich habe mich ein Jahr in meinem Podcast mit den Fragen digitaler Bildung auseinandersetzen müssen. Pünktlich im März dieses Jahres wurde das von der Theorie in die Praxis geholt.

Ich habe mich ein Jahr in meinem Podcast mit den Fragen digitaler Bildung auseinandersetzen müssen. Pünktlich im März dieses Jahres wurde das von der Theorie in die Praxis geholt. Wie sich theoretische und praktische Überlegungen bei der Bewältigung einer neuen, und nicht nur pandemischen, Schulrealität die Hand geben und welche Möglichkeitsräume sich hier eröffnen sind die Themen dieses Vortrags.

The state of digital rights in Latin America

chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

Oftentimes, we read about the state of digital rights on the Global North and their challenges, but we hear little from the Global South. What is, then, the state of digital rights on the Global South and, specially, in Latin America? Are those ri...

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that we have as a community is the fact that we hear little from the perspectives from other regions of the world that are often consuming the technology and ideas produced from the Global North. This talk will aim to bring the Latin American perspective to the table: to talk about the state of digital rights in the region, about the challenges facing towards a digital sovereignty, about the state of digital rights from a legal and political perspective, and more.

CO2 Messen - in Räumen und in der Atmosphäre

Der wissenschaftliche Hintergrund einiger CO2-Messmethoden - rC1 (de)

CO2, Kohlenstoffdioxid, ist inzwischen im Bewusstsein aller angekommen. Ob als ppm Wert in der Erdatmosphäre und als Treibhausgas, oder durch die im Sommer vorgeschlagenen CO2 Ampeln. Aber: wie kann man denn die Konzentration eines unsichtbaren Ga...

Die "CO2-Ampel" hat seit August sprunghaft an Bekanntheit gewonnen, als die Konzentration von Kohlendioxid als potentieller Indikator für unzureichenden Austausch der Raumluft und damit für ein generell erhöhtes Infektionsrisiko vorgeschlagen wurde.
Die prominenteste Sensorfamilie arbeitet über die Detektion der breitbandigen IR-Absorption des CO2-Moleküls, wir sehen uns IR- und Rama Spektroskopie an, wie einfache Sensoren funktionieren bis hoch zu hoch genauen industriellen Sensoren.
Eine weitere Detektionsmethode bieten Metalloxid Sensoren, die mit moderner MEMS-Technologie sehr kompakt gefertigt werden können und mit der Größe eines Streichholzkopfes gut geeignet für wearable Devices sind.
Dabei unterscheiden sich Sensoren, die tatsächlich CO2 messen können von solchen, die flüchtige organische Verbindungen (engl. volatile organic compounds, VOC) messen.
Ein VOC Sensor findet sich auch auf dem card10 badge, vom Camp 2019. In der neuesten Firmware sind neue Funktionalitäten des Umweltsensors dazu gekommen, und kann dann zu Hause damit experimentieren!

Wednesday 16:00

Ballern 3.0 – create a safer party

restrealitaet (de)

Sonar – Safer nightlife Berlin steht für safer use und safer spaces im nightlife. Was muss ich wissen, wenn ich im nightlife Drogen nehme - wie mach ich's so richtig?

Ein kurzer Input verschafft euch einen Überblick - welche Nightlife Projekte gibt es und um welche Inhalte geht es dabei? Wo können sich User*innen und Clubbetreibende/ Kulturschaffende informieren? Was sind die wichtigsten Basics. Im Anschluss wird es auch Zeit für Fragen geben.

Wednesday 16:10

Watching the Watchers - How Surveillance Companies track you using Mobile Networks

Real life experiences from the Location Tracking Wars - chaosstudio-hamburg (en)

Every day, surveillance companies attack mobile networks, attempting to track the location of mobile phone users. We will analyze, using real-life data, these surveillance companies’ tactics and show the different ways that users are tracked in th...

Mobile core signaling networks have been known to have exploitable vulnerabilities for several years. However very little information has been presented on whether these vulnerabilities are being exploited in real-life or not, and if so, how it is being done. This presentation will give first-hand information about how location tracking – the most common form of mobile signaling attack - is being done over multiple types of mobile networks in the wild today.
We will start with briefly introducing mobile telecom networks, their known security flaws and how surveillance companies exploit these flaws. Surveillance companies are success oriented and have a toolbox which they use for location tracking of mobile phone users, which is the most common attack. Based on real-life experiences we will describe what “tools” we see in the wild and how they work. We will also describe how attackers optimize attacks based on the target network and technology, and how attacks have changed over time since some mobile operators have begun to put in place protections. We will also show a visualization of how these attacks can happen. Finally, we will make a projection for 5G core networks, and how...

Wednesday 18:00

Infrastructure Review

rC1 (en)

This conference is run by teams of volunteers. In this event, they will provide some insight into the challenges they faced while building the infrastructure, networks, running video streams, or organizing the world map.

Inside xHamster

Undercover im Löschteam von Deutschlands meistbesuchter Pornoseite - restrealitaet (de)

xHamster ist die meistbesuchte Pornoseite Deutschlands und eine der meistbesuchten Websites der Welt. Aber was tut xHamster dagegen, dass dort Aufnahmen sexualisierter Gewalt kursieren? Kritische Fragen zu dem Thema blockt die Firma hinter xHamste...

Wochenlang haben wir undercover als Löscharbeiter für xHamster gearbeitet und mutmaßlich illegale Fotos aussortiert. Wir waren Teil eines Teams aus offenbar mehr als 100 Freiwilligen, die anonym und ohne Bezahlung über sensible Inhalte entscheiden. Neben den Freiwilligen gibt es noch ein Support-Team aus bezahlten xHamster-Mitarbeitern, über dessen Arbeit die Plattform wenig verrät.

Ein Anfangsverdacht reicht nicht aus, um eine Aufnahme zu löschen. Ob mutmaßliche Vergewaltigung oder bildbasierte, sexualisierte Gewalt: Verdächtige Fotos sollen die Löscharbeiter nur entfernen, wenn sie sich zu 100 Prozent sicher sind, dass sie gegen die Regeln von xHamster verstoßen. Bewerten können sie die Fotos aber nur nach Augenschein.

Das hat drastische Folgen, zum Beispiel für den Kampf gegen strafbare Jugendpornografie. Die Löscharbeiter von xHamster müssen aus dem Bauch heraus entscheiden, ob eine fremde Person schon volljährig ist oder nicht. Entfernen sollen sie ein verdächtiges Foto nur, wenn sie die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass die abgebildete Person unter 18 ist, subjektiv als "hoch" einstufen. Minderjährige können also nur geschützt werden, wenn sie kindlich genug aussehen.

Das ...

Wednesday 19:00

close encounters @rc3 Wrapup & Q&A

chaosstudio-hamburg (de)

Trackvorstelllung und Fazit - Q&A

Wir komponieren und produzieren einen Community Track!

Wer mitsingen oder spielen will, trifft uns während der #rC3!
#ccchoir #orccchestra #creativecommons #music

Tag 1: Status update 16:00 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 2: Status update 17:10 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 3: Status update 17:40 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg
Tag 4: Präsentation als Teil des Loungestreams 18:00-19:00
Tag 4: Trackvorstelllung und Fazit 19:00 15 min chaosstudio-hamburg

Noten, etc. zum Download:

Wednesday 20:00

Neues vom Peng! Collective

Die Suche nach dem Alten Weißen Mann - restrealitaet (de)

In dringender Angelegenheit: Die Welt ist an einem Wendepunkt. Wer übernimmt die Führung? Wer putzt heute das Klo? Wer holt uns eine Happy Pizza?

Wednesday 20:10


rC1 (de)

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