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Lecture: liketohear - Self-Adjustment of Open Source Mobile Hearing Aid Prototype

intuitive enhancement and manipulation of environmental sounds

I'll speak about the liketohear framework providing an intuitive gui for self-adjusting the mobile openMHA hearing aid prototype.

I want to give a brief introduction to the how-to of this DIY open source prototype, which is based on accessible hardware like Raspberry Pi.
The set-up is usable also by people who are not tech-savvy.

Exemplary reports of user feedback show the potential of self-adjusting of sound amplification.

I give insights in the making off, the user's experiences in everyday listening situations and our visions for further developments.

We developed the liketohear framework with intuitve gui control via web app for adjustments of the open source mobile hearing aid prototype. Designed for personalized field research in daily life situations this prototype is deployed on available hardware (a.o. Raspberry Pi), foolproof, portable and running for a approx. 4 hours. Environmental sound is manipulated by change of volume and frequencies emphasis. Audio levels and adjustment parameters can be logged.

We tested the liketohear framework with 57 persons in daily life situations and evaluated the user data.

Originally the liketohear framework was created for the field research within the #CitizenScience project "Hear How You Like To Hear" of Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenburg (supported by BMBF).


Day: 2020-12-29
Start time: 13:00
Duration: 00:40
Room: rC2
Track: Hardware & Making
Language: en



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