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Speaker: Laura Sophie Aichroth

Organizational Development & Agile Coaching, Research Fellow, University Lecturer & PhD student // On a mission to improve collaboration at work and resilience based on measurements and research results.

Hi, I'm Laura! I am a work and organizational psychologist and PhD student, working as a research fellow, university lecturer & freelancer. I am on a mission to improve collaboration at work and resilience based on measurements and research results.
I studied business administration (Bachelor of Arts) with English and French, with the focus on trade, and subsequently completed a master’s degree in business psychology with the specialization in business and organizational psychology (Master of Science). At the moment, I am doing my Ph.D. in the area of work and organizational psychology in tech organizations. I am focusing on the measurability and methods of software product development teams and organizations looking at constructs like organizational resilience, leadership and psychological safety.
In more than 10 years in the professional world, I worked in Germany and abroad for German, American and French companies in the IT, insurance, finance, cosmetics & trade sectors. Currently, I work in different roles in the field of agile coaching and organizational development in international transformation projects as well as a freelance lecturer at a university. Previously, I worked in digital product management, organizational development and executive coaching in the fashion & lifestyle segment. Here I worked with development teams, product owners, heads of product and head of software engineering, the company management, but also other departments such as sales management, purchasing management, customer service or human resources. I have spent my professional career in various positions in the area of personnel, management and organizational development. I am certified as a Scrum Master, in classical project management and as a trainer. I have experience in personality and team development, diagnostics, training, change management, executive and organizational development, digital product management and software development.
I love contributing to doing better science, challenging gut feelings and habits with measurements and new approaches and motivating people to question the existing in order to learn and improve constantly.




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