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Speaker: Manuel (EEL) Manhard

Former historian, now developing games and other software, part of "Keinen Pixel den Faschisten" and "Arbeitskreis Geschichtswissenschaft und digitale Spiele".

After a few years of studying, teaching, and researching (mostly) early modern history, I switched professions and started a small IT company (machina cogitans). I am now developing tools for industrial use (mostly cabling), offer workshops, and develop games - the latter often with a historical, political or otherwise educational background. I am also regularly updating (and playing) Tooth and Tail and lurking in or contributing to "Keinen Pixel den Faschisten" (No Pixel For Fascists) as well as the "Arbeitskreis Geschichtswissenschaft und digitale Spiele" (Work Group on Historical Science and Digital Games).

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