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Speaker: Eliska Pirkova

Eliska Pirkova works as Access Now’s Europe Policy Analyst based in Brussels. She has been working on her doctoral dissertation focused on freedom of expression on the internet, online content regulation and intermediary liability. Before Access Now, she was a trainee at the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, where she researched and co-drafted policy papers concerning online terrorist content, the impact of Artificial Intelligence on fundamental rights and the use of face recognition technologies by public authorities. Prior to that, Eliska worked as a legal researcher for an international research project funded by the Academy of Finland in Helsinki. Eliska has a diverse background in human rights. She holds a European Master degree in Human Rights and Democratisation, and she researched and worked in the field of minority rights at a number of institutions, including the the Council of Europe and the European Centre for Minority Issues in Kosovo. Eliska is a research fellow at the Privacy and Sustainable Computing Lab in Vienna. She is a huge coffee lover and a big fan of nocciola gelato.



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