26C3 - 26C3 1.15

26th Chaos Communication Congress
Here be dragons

Eric Michaud

Professional ramblin man of time and space who doesn't sleep much.

While not sleeping is a Co-Founder/Founder/Rogue Time Agent/Organizer of TOOOL.US Division, HacDC, Pumping Station: One, hackerspaces.org, and a number of abstruse things. A creator of high security bypass tools for locks, reverse engineers hardware, and a various number of other sundry items. Get's bored sometimes, then starts something. Also has a peculiar habit of welding thing to things.

During the daystar he does his best to save the world from rogue ionising radiation at a national laboratory.

You should come up and ask him about his other projects. ;)

Twitter: @EricMichaud

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