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Dj set: David Dorad


David Dorad—whose surname sounds like a fish dish ordered in the Spanish isles—has, through
his two decade electronic romance, become a key element in the German dance scene. Born
out of wedlock to techno and house, he delivers honest and driving sets that take us up and
over, just before jolting us sideways.
Travelling through the hotbed of the Berlin rave culture led him to be an integral part of its pro-
vocative history. Founding Bachstelzen with friends at the flip of the millennium, these parties
paved the pay for a subculture where dance floors became utopic adult playgrounds. Around
the same time, the infamous Bar25 opened its doors. Here, his dynamic stage persona found
a weekend home, and on all the other ones he gathered the troops at parties around the rest
of Europe. Today he continues to move this way and is a regular at the likes of Fusion Festival
and Garbicz while travelling between Europe, Asia and the Americas. Whether in foreign lands
or home haunts, his powerful feeling for people and deep intuition for sound lights up the night
and blooms through the morning.
Dorad’s sets are unshazamable, dance floor hysterical and quietly historical. Cutting tracks
together with as much care and finesse as a Japanese sushi chef, he creates stories from
a kicking selection of tunes. When woven together, they create a very sonic collage of “Hello
dance floor my old friend”. In his former life, he supervised continuity on the film set, now every
set he plays is based on a strong sense of continuity, too. Whether solid and future-forward or
beautiful and minimalistic, his superb taste in techno, house and its close relatives wake us up
and turn us on like a switch.
Whether he was a child piano prodigy at age six who grew up feeding on the sounds of abs-
tract jazz music, or if he grew up in East Germany as a punk kid behind the iron curtain, we don’t
care anyway. David Dorad is about right now, and right now, like he’s done forever, he turns on
the moment just at the moment when he turns on the night.


Day: 2019-12-30
Start time: 01:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: Discotheque Nouveauancien
Track: Music



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