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Dj set: Danielle Arielli

Acid House

Danielle was always surrounded by music. Her mother teaching
music was just the first introduction to singing, guitar and piano at
a young age. At 12 Danielle was already determined to make
music, whether it be on machines or playing bass in the school
band, she realised that music was her passion very early. Whether
its a disco inspired set on the beach in summertime or a dirty acid
house rave in a big dark room, you always know its Danielle on the decks. Her tight mixing techniques and attentive track selection of
the best house music make for a hell of a party.
Since moving to Berlin from Tel Aviv in 2015 to pursue her love for
music, she has played on festivals like Garbicz, Feel, 3000Grad,
Waha (Romania), Sa Terza Metari (Sardinia) and clubs like Kater
Blau, Mensch Meier, Wilden Renata and Institüt Für Zukunft. Not to
mentioned in her own home town, Tel Aviv, playing in some of the
best clubs like Alphabet. If she’s not playing her firey sets
somewhere, you can find Danielle working in her Berlin studio.
With top hit releases on renown labels like Plastik People [US],
Keno Records [DE], Guesthouse Music [US], Hungarian Hot Wax
[UK], Refuge [AUS] and of course on her own imprint, Tooflez
Muzik. In 2016 she started Tooflez Muzik as a party label, holding
wild weekend long parties in off locations in Berlin. Since then
Tooflez Muzik has grown to be a monthly mixtape series
showcasing some of the best and hidden talents from around the
world, and releasing high quality house music and all its sub
genres, with a lot in the works for 2019 including a vinyl release in
February from Danielle herself.


Day: 2019-12-29
Start time: 21:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: Discotheque Nouveauancien
Track: Music



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