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Dj set: samtbody & samantha

samtbody aka lippstueck aka velvet hollywood, goldmund, biesenthal, air cushion finish:
music you won’t forget, music you will remember while listening to it for the first time, music that has been waiting for you, music you wanna keep without owning it, music that grows in your mind, music that would not have been what it becomes without you listening.

… as you all know once upon a time the world started in biesenthal. for us however, it all started with music from air cushion finish.
(breakfast of champions / HH)

… eclecticness returns with samtbody, a veteran from the Avant-garde Berlin nightlife whose magic craft and inventiveness take the listener on a psychic hike through experimental trails.
(caja negra/tepeme musica / MEX)

… beruhigt und beseelt.
(pingipung / HH)

… belongs in a movie soundtrack for sure.
( manny’nuf / NA)

… the feeling of this journey lingers like having become the ocean itself.
(annie sea / CA)


Day: 2019-12-28
Start time: 22:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: Uptown
Track: Music



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