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Speaker: Tom Marble

Tom is passionate about the role of Free Software, Open Hardware, and Free Culture in making the world a better place as demonstrated by co-organizing the FOSDEM devroom on Legal and Policy Issues, volunteering for Copyleft Conf and as a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy Evaluation Committee.

Tom Marble is best known for being the first "OpenJDK Ambassador" on the Sun Microsystems core team that open sourced the Java programming language. Tom is the founder of Informatique, Inc., a consultancy which leverages his hardware, software and intellectual property background for client projects as diverse as telematics for electric vehicles, probabilistic modeling, temporal planning visualization, autonomous cyber defense, and multiplayer online gaming.

Mr. Marble is committed to increasing diversity in technology by organizing ClojureBridge, a weekend workshop for women to learn the Clojure programming language. He has also been a long time contributor to the Debian project by participating on the Clojure and Java Teams.

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