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Speaker: karlabyrinth

PhD student at the Helmholtzs Centre for Environmental Science, climate modeller, Diplom in physics, Master in mathematics, programming background, scientists4future activist, artist, writer

karlabyrinth (Maren Kaluza UFZ homepage) studied physics and mathematics at the CAU Kiel. In between the two degrees they occupied a position in theoretical computer science and published a paper on the hardness of a scheduling problem (Precedence Scheduling with Unit Execution Time is Equivalent to Parametrized Biclique, SOFSEM 2016).

Since they always engaged in political activism for more acceptance and saving the environment, they decided to use their gained knowledge and skills to work in the field of environmental science at the UFZ in Leipzig end of 2017. karlabyrinth is part of the Earth System Modelling project (ESM) and currently works on reducing uncertainties and on the parallelization of the impact model mHM (mesoscale hydrologic model) in an international team. During the EGU 2019 they had a first presentation on the parallelization of river routing systems (Smart Routing Network Decomposition for the Massive Parallelization of Global Hydrological Models). karlabyrinth further engages in political activism such as the organization of the Global Climate Strikes, and workshops (Session:Global Climate Strike: exchange of ideas and experiences about organizing strikes and demonstrations on the CCCamp).

In their spare time they writes novels and produces art to make the world a better place (Septemperature Challenge).



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