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Speaker: Ali Ramadhan

Hi, I am a Canadian currently working towards a PhD in computational climate science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

When not coding I'm long-distance touring on two wheels, usually on my V-Strom 1000 motorcycle, sometimes on a bicycle!

I have been working as half climate scientist and half software developer for the past couple of years on building a new climate model as part of a project called the "Climate Modeling Alliance". We have also been collaborating with the developers of the Julia programming language to build our climate model and

In particular I am the main developer of Oceananigans.jl, a Julia package self-described as a "fast and friendly ocean model that can run on CPUs and GPUs". We are using embedding it within a global climate model to resolve small-scale physics, and also using it to learn what the small-scale physics look like to more accurately model the climate system.

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