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Speaker: aerodynamika

I would like to use this momentary gap in time and space to introduce myself. My name is Dmitry Paranyushkin and I invent cognitive stimulants: things that alter perception and stimulate imagination and sensitivity. I'm quite bad in chemistry, so I do not produce drugs. My field of operation is mainly in the realm of venture fiction: a kind of sci-fi that inscribes imaginary into the real not only through words, but also through soma-cognitive practices, online businesses, scientific research, frameworks and methodologies, viral memes, events, sounds, software and any other mediums available and yet unavailable.

I was born in 1981 in Moscow, and currently live in Paris. I studied Economics and Maths (BA, 2003) at Moscow State University, Theater and Performance at Dartington College of Arts, Networks, Non-Equilibrium Stability and Music in Berlin, Biology and Life Sciences (MA, 2014) in Paris Diderot VII University. I don't know if it makes sense to mention it but sometimes people ask those questions and I have the answers.

I'm writing all this because I want to engage with you on a personal and maybe even slightly intimate level. So below I will lay out some threads, which you are invited to follow, to unfold, to weave into your own threads, and to contact me if you so desire, so we can discuss further and play together.

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