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Speaker: Bernd Sieker

I am a systems engineer, computer scientist and aviation accident analyst; I specialise in root cause analysis, reverse-engineering and formal methods for safety-critical systems development and hold a private pilot's license.

I have a German Diploma in computer science and a PhD in engineering (Dr.-Ing.), have held university lectures in computer networks and system safety and security for the last 7 years. I also work in a small engineering consulting company where I have done several analyses of aviation accidents, reverse-engineered system functions from publicly available user documentation and evaluated avionics systems and human-machine interaction, especially the role cockpit indications (or lack thereof) and of crew training in aviation accidents.

I am working as a safety engineer and safety manager in a medium-size enterprise in the air traffic management domain.

I fly a small single-engine airplane for fun and sometimes for business trips.

I also play the piano, keyboards, recorder and tin whistle.

I am married and we have three children.



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