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Speaker: Sean "xobs" Cross

Xobs is a firmware hacker, and enjoys figuring out how hardware and software interact, learning new things, and canoeing. Occasionally he finds himself thinking C is too high-level a language.

Xobs has always taken things apart to figure out how they work. From childhood toys to vacuum cleaners, nothing was safe from disassembly Occasionally he tries to put things back together again, which is always a test of comprehension.

He grew up and went to school in San Diego, California. At university, to an administrative quirk, the school of computing was unavailable, so he earned a degree in cognitive science instead, because people are like squishy computers, right?

After university, he got a job working at chumby Industries, where he met Bunnie. There, he got his first shot at creating low level device firmware, and figuring out how to create computers from scratch. He did much the firmware for the chumby One.

Chumby moved him to Singapore, where he did system firmware for the NeTV. After the end of chumby, he stayed in Singapore, and continues to do system design and integration.

Today, he spends his days fulfilling a lifelong dream of designing his own laptop. In his spare time, he goes outrigger canoeing in the ocean.



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