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Speaker: gannimo

Mathias Payer is a security researcher and an assistant professor in computer
science at EPFL and Purdue University, leading the HexHive group. His research
focuses on protecting systems in the presence of vulnerabilities, with a focus
on memory corruption and type violations. He is interested in system security,
binary exploitation, effective mitigations, and strong sanitization using a
combination of binary analysis and compiler-based techniques.

Before joining Purdue in 2014 he spent two years as PostDoc in Dawn Song’s
BitBlaze group at UC Berkeley. He graduated from ETH Zurich with a Dr. sc. ETH
in 2012, focusing on low-level binary translation and security. He worked on a
systematization of memory corruption and looked into enforcing integrity for a
subset of data (e.g., code pointers). All prototype implementations are
open-source. In 2014, he founded the b01lers Purdue CTF team.

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