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Lecture: Art against Facebook

Graffiti in the ruins of the feed and the party-info-capital is emigrating

There is graffiti in the ruins of the feed and the event-info-capital is emigrating.

Currently Facebook has a tight grip on the cultural scene with its events-calendar and with Instagram as a spectacular image feed.

But an opposition is rising. Graffiti and net-art are merging with hacking. Activists are using facebook graffiti, through circulating UTF-8 textbombs that cross the layout of the feed.

The Berlin network Reclaim Club Culture meanwhile is calling for a Facebook Exodus. They want to motivate the club and cultural scene to support free alternatives, by moving their biggest information capital, which are the event announcements.


Day: 2019-12-29
Start time: 21:50
Duration: 00:40
Room: Eliza
Track: Art & Culture
Language: en



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