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Lecture: NGI Zero: A treasure trove of IT innovation

Resilient. Trustworthy. Sustainably Open.

The Next Generation Internet initiative is the first concerted effort in Europe to put significant public funding to hands-on work to really fix the internet. The long term vision of the initiative is to make the internet what we need and expected it to be in the first place: Resilient. Trustworthy. Sustainable. The concrete mission of the Next Generation Internet initiative is to "re-imagine and re-engineer the Internet for the third millennium and beyond". With new projects starting all the time, the density of awesome open source, open hardware, new science and new standards in-the-making is already intense: about 200 projects are currently on their way. These range from encrypted synchronisation for calendars and address books to symbolical protocol verification, from an open hardware RISC-V SoC to removing binary seeds from operating systems, from ethical search to the Fediverse etc.

NGI Zero offers funding to independent researchers and FOSS developers working on free and open projects in the area of privacy and trust enhancing technologies and on search, discovery and discoverability. It also offers an elaborate 'pipeline' of supporting activities that live up to high standards (sometimes called 'walk the talk') in terms of security, privacy, accessibility, open source licensing, standardisation, packaging, etc. The talk will provide an overview of the awesome R&D that is now in the pipeline, how the programme is organised and everything you need to know about the various opportunities to 'come and work for the internet'.

NGI Zero Discovery and NGI Zero PET are a significant effort and ambitious effort by a large group of organisations led by NLnet foundation (that was instrumental in pioneering the early internet in Europe):

The budget for the effort is kindly provided by the European Commission.

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