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Speaker: Simon Eumes

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Simon is a passionate maker and nerd with a special interest in cooking and woodworking. You will probably catch him soldering new components for projects that includes some kind of display (led, flip dot, split flat) or exploring yet another communication protocol. He works as a developer for Payworks where he works on multiple POS projects and lower level protocols.

Simon is working as a lead developer for Payworks (a processing gateway provider with a focus on developers and customer experience). As part of his job he is dissecting POS terminal protocols and bank integration specifications that try to compete for yet another standard. Aside from that he creates test credit cards with controllable behavior and is constantly searching for ways to automate test and certification procedures.

In his personal life Simon enjoys working on small hardware, software and woodworking projects. He uses cooking as a form of relaxation and is always interested in new tastes, spices and preparation methods. New tools and techniques keep him motivated in the maker as well as the cooking world.

He studied in Munich, Berkeley and Los Angeles and holds a master's degree in computer science.

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