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Speaker: @EMHacktivity

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Electromagnetic Security researcher

The submission is proposed by the two authors below:

@EMHacktivity Chaouki Kasmi was Electromagnetic security researcher at ANSSI where he is working on threats related to spurious compromising emanations (TEMPEST) and intentional electromagnetic interferences (IEMI). Chaouki is giving lectures on EMSEC in French and foreign universities since 2010. Chaouki has also presented his researches in the framework of his PhD in Electronics at numerous national and international conferences including IEEE Conferences on EMC, AMEREM and URSI. He recently joint the TV Labs at Darkmatter LLC.

@lopessecurity Jose Lopes Esteves Information security research engineer at ANSSI. His main interests are embedded systems security and wireless security. Jose also gives lectures on those topics in French universities. Before that he worked as a security evaluator and a pentester in a French ITSEC.

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