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Speaker: Katika Kühnreich

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Katika Kühnreich lives a life in between social movements and scientific work. She is a Magistra of Political Science as well as Modern and Ancient Chinese Science. By travelling China and living in south-western province of Yunnan for a longer period of time, she combines theoretical knowledge gained from books and university with work and street experience as well as Chinese punk rock.

With strong interests in dissent, the social impacts of digitalization as well as its capabilities, and in China, Katika is never bored because of the People's Republic of China latest developments. For her thesis she analyzed Chinese Communist Party's “Socialist Harmonious Society” program for counterinsurgency aspects by contrasting the government's theoretical announcements with its practical handling of dissenting migrant workers. Through political activism she came in touch with good and bad aspects of digitalization – countless new possibilities of networking and action on one side, digital surveillance techniques and technologies on the other. She developed a special interest in the cybernetic hypothesis, the huge possibilities of the digital sphere and its impacts on the "analog" live. Connecting her activist with her scholar life, she is currently working on a PhD on China's social credit programs which combines her interests in cybernetics, propaganda, and social control in relation to dissent.
She can be contacted via The gpg-key can be found online.

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