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Speaker: P1kachu


I'm Stanislas Lejay, also known as 'P1kachu'.
Undergraduate French student who mostly learned from practicing in security CTFs and sticking my nose where I shouldn't. The funniest way is often the one I will stick to when doing something. Specializing in low-level security and more importantly automotive hacking. Member of the LSE, and often hack with Quarkslab. Half of the time I have a beard, and the other half too.

I started getting interested in security 4 years ago, in my second year of CS school. I learned by myself, playing CTFs and reading writeups, until I was able to write some myself. I love to touch things most people don't know about, since it's usually what I can't learn from other. I played with symbolic analysis, console hacking a bit (3DS), and lately with cars. I like to mix my everyday hobbies with computer sciences, and since I love cars and driving, I am trying to specialize myself in that domain.

As non CS hobbies, I like anime, drifting, and Pokemon. I'm still a child... maybe.

If there is something stupid to do, I will do it. My brother and I grew up with this state of mind, which always makes us come up with nice stories afterwards... :)




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