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Speaker: Nicolas Wöhrl

Nicolas wöhrl

Physicist, working in the field of nanotechnology. Science communicator with his podcast „methodisch inkorrekt“.

In love with science!

Profession: Dr. Nicolas Wöhrl is a physicist. He joint the Center of Nanointegration (CENIDE) at the University of Duisburg-Essen where he is working at the Nano Energy Technology Center (NETZ). NETZ is an application-focused research project. The aim of the project is to develop materials and also processes which allow nanotechnology to be used in industry – especially focused on energy applications.

Passion: Nicolas is a science communicator. He participated in numerous events where current research was presented and explained to the public including science-slams and experimental shows for kids. He is also the founder of the popular scientific podcast „methodisch inkorrekt“ where he is biweekly presenting science news for everybody.

Believe: Nicolas believes in science and education and he wants to get the society more involved in the wonders of science. He believes that the scientists themselves have the responsibility to bring back the science to the masses.




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