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Speaker: Okhin

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I strongly believe that technology is not neutral, it has an impact on our society and on the way we perceive and understand the world.

With this belief, I joined several groups and NGO over the last five years (from Telecomix to International Federation of Human rights to local hackerspaces), and I've spent the last year working full time for La Quadrature du Net as their Tools manager, meaning I develop the tools we use there, using a community of volunteers.

I'm a networking and system enthusiasts. I really enjoy digging into system architecture exploring using bash and GNU.
I've joined the Telecomix folks just during the Egypt blackout, and since then I've spend more and more time to find way to spread and defend the datalove.

While trying to reach and help people on the ground in Syria, Turkey or Egypt (again) I've been in contact with people working in NGOs such as Reporters Without Borders or the FIDH, and trying to help them to adapt their solution to the problems raised by the use of internet.

I've also set-up some crypto parties in my home town, to share knowledge with the biggest possible number of people an give them keys for understanding their uses of digital tools, and how they evolve in a sometimes conflicting digital world.

I'm working with a Quadrature du Net as a full-time employee for a year, even if I contributed code for them for the last four years, and I'm in charge of the technical aspects of LQDN, from internal security to developing tools such as Political Memory, from gathering a community of volunteers to helping build the case for cryptogaphy.

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