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lecture: Why Do We Anthropomorphize Computers?...

...and dehumanize ourselves in the process?

01 a contemporary delphic oracle

A talk on waiting for the technological rapture in the church of big data. The paralysing effect of hiding the human hand in software through anthropomorphising computers and dehumanising ourselves.

Marloes de Valk is a software artist and writer in the post-despair stage of coping with the threat of global warming and being spied on by the devices surrounding her. Surprised by the obsessive dedication with which we, even post-Snowden, share intimate details about ourselves with an often not too clearly defined group of others, astounded by the deafening noise we generate while socializing with the technology around us, she is looking to better understand why.


Day: 2017-12-28
Start time: 13:45
Duration: 00:30
Room: Saal Borg
Track: Art & Culture
Language: en



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