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ALL CREATURES WELCOME is a documentary film about the communities of the digital age. It shows the possibilities of new paths and new perspectives for society by using hacking as a mind-set.

A downright utopian idea is being brought to life, created by all participants of the Chaos Communication Events. On planet nerd, at the epicenter of technical and social change, ALL CREATURES WELCOME explores and reflects new ways of dealing with the digitalization of the world and the resulting reformation of sociocultural conduct.
Sandra Trostel started filming the documentary at the Chaos Communication Camp in 2015, followed by shootings at 32c3 and 33c3. At the congress she will show a work in progress beta version of the movie. Furthermore she will give a quick overview of the formation process, the status and the future of the project. And, maybe most importantly: She will answer all the questions of the people who helped to realize this movie!

Also watch out for the accomying self-organized sessions:
Chaos Communication Choir and All Creatures Welcome.


Day: 2017-12-28
Start time: 00:45
Duration: 01:30
Room: Saal Adams
Track: CCC
Language: de



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