Version 1.7 a new dawn

Speaker: Julia Longtin


I'm a maintainer of various software and hardware projects (LinuxPMI, GNU GIFT, CreateVM, others..). I used to run a FreeGeek, but am now working with HacDC, teaching technology freelance at the side. I have recently been struck with severe carpel tunnel preventing me from writing as much software as I once did, though.

I speak some simple Japanese, and hack all hardware. I'm a Free Software zealot, living in DC. This means i have spent two years unemployed due at least partially to the local security culture. I started my IT career on the Microsoft path, but burned my MCSE at the age of 18.

I began working on the Linux Kernel, GCC, Svgalib, and various device drivers from 1998-2001, then contributed to pieces of the GNU user space. I finally set on OpenEMR for a while, where I implemented a form generation system to allow doctors to exchange medical forms and did various overhauls of the user interface, as an attempt to lower the barriers to entry for medical providers.

I've been building strange 3D printers for 3 years, after helping to run a FreeGeek in Arkansas. I'm interested in and have developed the technology for using microwave-based molding to print aluminum parts. This is part of a larger end-goal aimed at manufacturing a more secure, Free and Open Source electric car, with encrypted internal networks. In addition I've also been devising a separate model of a car, which utilizes the fly-by-wire networks design of the first car, but focuses on reusing existing auto parts. Essentially my project seeks to provide a toolkit for printing and building electric cars designed to encourage recyclable material use, undercut production costs of cars, and minimize tracking where possible. Maximizing driver/owner control and security has also been a concern I'm trying to address via the use of encryption and authentication schemes on the networks internal to the car.

Ultimately I intend to move into Bioprinting, with the primary goal of overhauling the broken health system by developing radical tools for improving health and medicine.

My obsession with living, promoting, and improving Free Software is somewhat like my obsession with air. All of my work since the turn of the century has been compliant with this philosophy. I am currently trying to extend the Free Software Foundation's values and vision for user rights into the hardware world.




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