Version 1.7 a new dawn

Speaker: Magnus


Previously freelancing, now corporate computer scientist living in Ireland. Free time tends to be spent contributing to F/OSS, evangelising about Tor, tracing script kiddies and trying to apply maths to make pretty pictures. Also video games.

Almost a decade ago, I started the eINIT and kyuba F/OSS projects to improve system init/rc experience across different unices. I then went on to study computer science while working - first part-time, then full-time - for several small companies. Those projects were loosely database-related. Before I could finish my studies, I was offered a position as an SRE for huge distributed storage systems for a medium-sized multinational.

As nice a day job as that is, I was always fascinated by hyper-geometry, a concept that came up a lot during some of the later physics classes I took back in uni. I wrote the Topologic app, which is now F/OSS and on github, and which can be used to visualise and manipulate certain higher-dimensional geometric primitives to get an actual "feeling" for how those theoretical spaces would - or could - work.

Other side-projects include a node.js server to trace script kiddies trying to access servers they're not supposed to with Google Analytics, a C++ maths library, various XSLT magicks, proof-of-concept rogues in SQLite and other fun stuff.




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