Version 1.7 a new dawn

Speaker: Natalia Lukaszewicz


I am a PhD Candidate at the LMU Munich where I am finishing the project “A study on a patent exception for user-generated innovations”, supported by the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property in Munich (2012) and GRUR (2013-2014). I also work at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Patents and Licensing Department.

I graduated from European Studies (law&economics) at Poznan University (Poland), and came to Munich to participate in a postgraduate program, LLM (LMU Munich), with the intention of exploring the field of intellectual property.

From the technical point of view, I am neither a maker nor a hacker. I love to read Scientific American and … once I soldered a TV-B-gone – my first step in making. However, I am an absolute enthusiast of Makers and DIYers. I truly believe that the movement has initiated greater changes in the society (so much needed). I am very happy that my research can contribute to it.

This year I presented my work at EHSM (Hamburg).



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