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Speaker: Eireann Leverett


Eireann hates writing bios in the third person. He once placed second in an Eireann Leverett impersonation contest. He is sometimes jealous of his own moustache for being more famous than he is.

Eireann Leverett has rescued thousands of industrial systems from internet exposure and vulnerability. His work with 52 incident response teams around the world, have improved the knowledge of utility workers globally. He continues to dismantle industrial systems and teach workshops to others on what to secure in process control environments.

He is an advisor to ENISA, a member of a few programming committees, and graduate of Cambridge university. He has worked as a developer, quality assurance analyst, penetration tester, researcher, and catastronomics quant. You should of course ignore all this, and just judge the talk as one talk.

His work can primarily be summed up with this single phrase:

Own your own critical national infrastructure today!

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