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Mathias Payer is a security nerd and an assistant professor in computer science at Purdue university. His interests are related to system security, binary exploitation, user-space software-based fault isolation, binary translation/recompilation, and (application) virtualization.

Mathias Payer sees himself as a hacker and he is interested in all areas of system security, both looking at new defence mechanisms and new attack vectors. His credo is that we have to protect applications even in the presence of vulnerabilities, with a specific focus on memory corruption. Next to publishing his research at academic conferences he is a frequent speaker at hacker conferences (27c3, 28c3, 2x 30c3, SyScan) and enjoys the relaxed atmosphere there.

Before joining Purdue in 2014 he spent two years as PostDoc in Dawn Song's BitBlaze group at UC Berkeley. He graduated from ETH with a Dr. sc. ETH in 2012. The topic of his thesis is related to low-level binary translation and security. He analyzed different exploit techniques and wondered how we can enforce integrity for a subset of data (e.g., code pointers). All prototype implementations are open-source. In 2014, he started the b01lers Purdue CTF team.




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