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lecture: Inside Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg

The story of the NSA listening post – told by an ex-SIGINT analyst who worked there


Of all the NSA's Cold War listening posts, their intelligence facility on top of Berlin's Teufelsberg was their most secretive.

Field Station Berlin – its white tower and geodesic domes visible for miles around – was the epicenter of of the western intelligence community's most sensitive SIGINT operations. Now abandoned, the ghosts of "The Hill" know many stories left untold.

Ever wondered how it was to work there at the height of the Cold War? What did people do there, anyway? And what it was really like inside the day Ronald Reagan said, "we begin bombing in five minutes"?

Wonder no longer. As a young SIGINT analyst straight out of college in the 1980's, Bill Scannell was there and will tell (almost) all.

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