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lecture: "Exploit" in theater

post-existentialism is the question, not post-privacy

3 theater projects that illustrate the false "California Ideology" and ask us to look at our slip into neoliberalism through the backdoor of technology and to consider the ethics in the protocol.

We are moving the responsibility for the construction of social behaviour and good citizenry from the hands of policy makers to the hands of engineers. Trading spaces of the commons for those of market will. And the architects (standards bodies) are hardly concerned. Followers of the "California Ideology" present as their argument fluid consensus, provided through technology, as a reason to trust this neoliberal future. I will present 3 collaborations in theater that I feel question this ideology.

  • Anonymous-P (with Chris Kondek & Christiane Kühl)

    The question is "post-existentialism" not "post-privacy"
  • Hermann's Battle (with Rimini Protokoll)

    Cypherpunks, Heinrich von Kleist, "Absolute Democracy"
  • Right of Might (self & Maria Rößler)

    Competitive Assassination Markets (e.g. Assange v. Assad)

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