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lecture: Global Civil Society Under Attack

Reports from the Frontlines


An update to our Reports from the Frontlines talk at OHM 2013, we will provide the latest stories and figures from Access' digital security helpline that provides security incident response and technical support to civil society groups and human rights defenders around the world.

Access runs a dedicated 24-hour digital security helpline for civil society groups out of three offices in Tunisia, Costa Rica, and the Philippines. We serve groups around the world in a variety of contexts, securing communications, providing website security support, incident response, and strategic security planning and training.

In this talk we'll explore what trends we've seen on the helpline, both in reactive incident response and technical support requests by civil society groups. We'll also discuss the recent Digital First Aid Kit worked on by a number of organizations including Access, and some longer term initiatives and goals such as an official civil society CERT (CiviCERT).


Day: 2014-12-28
Start time: 18:15
Duration: 00:30
Room: Saal G
Track: Ethics, Society & Politics
Language: en



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