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lecture: Internet of toilets

Trends in the sanitarian territory


A toilet is a toilet is a toilet ... was a toilet. Nowadays hackers discover a larger interest in doing more with toilets then just what they were designed for in the first place. Within the "Internet of things" scene the sanitarian sphere claims a place of its own. This talk will present current projects, technologies used and research published.

This talk provides an overview of past and current hardware installations, services and publications that focus on the sanitarian territory. People track a wide variety of things: doors, water consumption, visiting times, paper usage and not to forget the habits of their pets. The range of implementations starts of with dedicated Twitter streams, exploratory websites and ends of with APIs, consumable services and extensive statistics which allow analysis over time. You will get to know the detailed installation architecture which allows building your own toilet tracking.
Furthermore, the talk outlines the serious aspects of the Internet of toilets and its importance for the society. Hygiene facts and economic considerations are discussed.
One of the motivations for this talk besides a general interest in the topic itself is the vision to realize such an installation for the congress in the near future (talking about 31c3).


Day: 2014-12-28
Start time: 19:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Saal G
Track: Hardware & Making
Language: en



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