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Founder of Aiesec LC in Brazil holding speaches as students in serveral countries including speach on Coexistencial Management at Kioto Universtiy, Tokyo, 1993

Innovation Manager by Beiersdorf, being responsible for the internet presence and interactive POI /POS systems, including registering of 5 world wide Patents.

10 years sabbatical travelling the globe with family realizing art and digital inclusion projects mostly in India and other remote areas like in the amazonas river. In this time lecture performance at Profile Intermedia Conference - Attention Dangerous Ideas in Progress, in the University of Bremen, Germany, 2005.

Recently Speach on Mate Hacking, Mate & Cancer Research presented at Extreme Hard & Software Meeting Dec.2012 in Berlin, and OHM13 in NL.

Besides that I am the direct candidate for the Pirate Party in Pankow, Berlin to the next upcoming ferderal elections what keeps me fit for talking to public or holding workshops.

Meta Mate Cancer & Reforestation Project & Mier = Mate Bier on CC License

DIY Mate from Harvesting till Hacking the economy being the first CC licensed consumer good with several forks on the market.

For details see the link with the presentation on EHSM 12.

Mate Hacking, from mitology, harvesting, researching, brewing and launching hacker brause and mate bier at cc licese.
We can demonstrate how to diy mate in the traditional gaucho way or in urban carbonate drinks.

As an add to the lecture perfomance we suggest an DIY Mate Worskhsop

5 differnt mates with different caffeine levels and different production ways to be tryed and consumed. Fabricio is living matewiki to share knowledge on matehacking.




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