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Andere: Caayari

A Mate Butoh Performance


A Butoh Dance raising from the raw material portraying the mitology of Mate!

Since our first Mate harvest in 2009, we have been performing the indigenous Guarani mythology of the Mate Goddess Caayari in a Butoh context. This performance has been readapted for the context of the Congress, reinforcing how the connecting and communication aspects of Mate help hackers on the data highway to focus and make synergies.

Once upon a time an ailing Guarani Indian left behind by his tribe discovered a plant that rejuvenated him and made him feel young again. This magical drink that he made from the leaves of the Mate Tree took on the spirit of the Goddess Caayari who kept him company in his solitude and gave him strength and inspiration.

From flashing back to the mate mythology, forward to 30C3, Mate today plays a different role, captured in a bottle and beloved by hackers who drink mate to concentrate and connect on the Net. Just as the Guarani tribes used to drink Mate together a long time ago around the fire and exchange information, and South American communities come together to pass a mate cuia around; today Mate plays a vital role in the social aspect of gatherings such as the Congress.

Raven and Fabricio do Canto have performed the Caayari mythology for audiences in India and Lebanon, and more recently, Fabricio has integrated parts from the performance into his Mate lectures. Their expressionistic interpretation of the origins of the Caayari Mate Mythology will be followed by a Mate Circle.


Tag: 28.12.2013
Anfang: 19:30 Uhr
Dauer: 01:00
Room: Villa Straylight
Track: Entertainment
Sprache: de



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