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28th Chaos Communication Congress
Behind Enemy Lines

Robin Upton

Robin Upton grew up in UK and Denmark, and now lives in Bangladesh. An economic dissident and independent researcher, he is preparing for the end of national fiat currency systems and the transition to less energy intensive, more locally coherent communities.

Robin Upton grew up in UK and Denmark, went to university in UK and Germany where he studied a wide range of subjects, concluding with a computer go related Ph.D. He then took the red pill in the shape of a lot of self-directed internet study and frequent visits to Bangladesh.

In 2005 he developed Altruistic Economics, a decentralised accounting system, to allow individuals to keep track of their own dealings with one another without requiring a central authority. He has published plans for a decentralized internet gift economy, including an XML virtual machine designed to be connected with a Friend2Friend topology, about whch he spoke briefly at his first CCC in 2009.

His day job is teaching English, by night he is a guerilla gardener, permaculture researcher, producer of "Unwelcome Guests" (a weekly radio show of dissident ideas) and general e'er-do-well.

He has a website at http://www.RobinUpton.com

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