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27th Chaos Communication Congress
We come in peace

Robert Spanton
Day Day 1 - 2010-12-27
Room Saal 3
Start time 12:45
Duration 01:00
ID 4175
Event type Lecture
Track Society
Language used for presentation English

From robot to robot

Restoring creativity in school pupils using robotics

Today, hacking is reserved for the microscopic fraction of the population who manage to shake themselves free of the suppressive education regime. Student Robotics is the beginning of the solution. By fostering creativity through competition to solve engineering challenges, we provide the inspiration society desperately needs. We develop an open platform for robotics and provide it to schools to open students' minds to the world of hacking.

Student Robotics pushes engineering into schools by running a robotics competition between 16 to 18 year-olds. We send university students into schools to mentor the participating teams. The organisation is run entirely by students, who also develop the hardware and software for the participants to use.

Student Robotics involves a whole range of software and hardware development, including including microcontroller programming, computer vision, and web-apps. This year we've started shipping the BeagleBoard as the robot's main computing device, providing us with a lot of scope for future hacking.

In this talk I will:

  • Discuss the motivation behind Student Robotics
  • Provide a technical overview our current hardware and software
  • Discuss the future of Student Robotics in Europe

Hey Teacher. Leave them hackers alone.

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