23C3 - 1.5

23rd Chaos Communication Congress
Who can you trust?

Caspar Bowden

Caspar Bowden, Chief Privacy Advisor EMEA, Microsoft EMEA Technology Office

Caspar Bowden leads the privacy pillar of the Trustworthy Computing initiative across Europe, Middle-East and Africa. His goal is to ensure that users of Microsoft products and services are in control of their personal data and that fair information practices are respected. He is a specialist in data protection policy, privacy enhancing technology research, identity management and authentication. He was formerly director of the Foundation for Information Policy Research, an independent think-tank that studies the interaction between computers and society, and promotes public understanding and dialogue between UK and European civil society and policy-makers in the fields of e-commerce, copyright, law enforcement and national security, e-government, cryptography and digital signatures. He was appointed expert adviser to the UK parliament for the passage of three bills concerning privacy issues, and was co-organizer of the influential Scrambling for Safety public conferences on UK encryption and surveillance policy. His previous career over two decades ranged from investment banking (proprietary trading risk-management for option arbitrage), to software engineering (graphics engines and cryptography), including work for Goldman Sachs, Microsoft Consulting Services, Acorn, Research Machines, and IBM.

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