23C3 - 1.5

23rd Chaos Communication Congress
Who can you trust?

Robin Gareus
Day 3
Room Workshop Area
Start time 15:00
Duration 02:00
ID 1752
Event type Workshop
Track Hacking
Language English


Who controls the information? In this modern age, search engines have a distinct influence on the retrieval of information from the internet. Another concern with the concentration of information and information about who requests that information is that non-benign parties might use this information to prosecute people. In order to remedy this situation, we came up with the OpenSearch idea: a search engine that is distributed, not under central control and therefore difficult to manipulate.

In the past year, we have savoured the project idea and are now really starting to build, at first, a prototype and, later on, a full-fledged distributed search engine client. Currently, funding is being secured to give the project, which will be completely open and hopefully community driven. As part of the project, workshops and lectures are being organised in conferences and meetings primarily in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

This workshop has a twofold purpose: on the one hand we hope to interest people in the project, on the other hand we want to talk about the concept, its implications and possible solutions to problems with our approach.

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