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Speaker: Mirko 'macro' Fichtner


My name is macro. I'm frontend developer, graphic designer and improv player. Born and living in Berlin. I'm member of c-base spacestation.

I'm c-base member since 98. Long time in circle and the board, several years as captain. I joined a lot of projects there over the time, for example the websites, the transmediale partner events, the multitouch table mtc, the Hyperbandrauschen radio show or the c-atre collectivdrama theatre group. I'm co-author of the c-booc - 20 years of c-base.

I playing improv since 2009. I worked with a lot of international coaches from Loose Moose Theatre (Calgary), Crumbs (Winnipeg), Kolektiv Narobov (Ljubljana) and Unexpected Productions (Seattle). I graduated the full students program of the iO Chicago in 2013.
I'm co-founder of the Improbanden. We playing regularly in theatres and bars in Berlin and on festivals. Also I wrote about improv for the blog

Finally I try to connect my two passions. the improbanden playing a format called Im/probabilities wich is is improv based on internet suggestions.

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