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Speaker: Gus Andrews


Gus Andrews is a human-computer interaction researcher who has been supporting usability work on FLOSS development teams since October of 2013. She pioneered usability work at the Open Internet Tools Project, including hackathons and user research at the Circumvention Tech Festival, RightsCon, and HOPE. Currently, she is a research fellow on the Simply Secure usability project. Gus has been an organizer of the Hackers On Planet Earth conference since 2010, and has been a panelist on the radio show Off The Hook. She is also the producer, director, writer, and voice of Weena on The Media Show, a YouTube series on media and digital literacy. Gus believes in balance, and will exhort you to get up and dance when you’ve spent too much time hunched over your computer, ignoring the needs of your meatbody.

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