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Speaker: Mustafa Al-Bassam


Mustafa is an undergraduate at King's College London in Computer Science. He gained notoriety in 2011 for being a part of LulzSec, a computer hacking group responsible a number of high profile attacks. As a result, he was legally banned from the Internet for almost two years as a condition of his bail.

Mustafa has worked with Privacy International to analyse the destruction of computer equipment ordered by GCHQ, that held top secret material leaked from the NSA and GCHQ. He was portrayed as one of the main characters in "Teh Internet is Serious Business", a play by the Royal Court Theatre telling a story about Internet culture.

Concerned about mass and corporate surveillance, he has advised human rights defenders around the world on protecting their data and communicating securely online. During the Jasmine Revolution he created a tool for Tunisian dissidents to defend themselves against government malware.




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