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lecture: The hills are alive with the sound of hacking ... don't wake the monkeys!

The State of the Hack in India. A place to be^W hack in the Himalayas (and at the beach!)


We are a community of (hill)hackers from India and all over the world. We'd like to talk about how rewarding it is to setup a tiny CCCamp in the Himalayas, and how the hands-on collaborative approach works in the indian context. We'd also like to introduce various open spaces, communities, events and dialogues that are currently active in different parts of India. The history and diversity of open movements in India is inspiring hackers in the country to engage, contribute and learn from the global hacker movement.

We call ourselves hillhackers as we regularly meet at hillhacks: a CCCamp-like event in the Himalayas. The event is focused around hacking and making but is also very much about knowledge sharing and the whole stack of themes of the open society. We also do art, music and fun educational programmes at neighboring schools and colleges.

We're having lots of fun and we'd like to invite you to join us. Copy and paste the CCC/C3 approach into your community and create your own community-driven event. Not only for the free and open community, but free and open by design and by the way its organised and conducted.

Tonight we'll talk about hillhacks. We will explain what we have actually done at hillhacks 2014 and 2015, how we conquered the interesting and sometimes amusing challenges we encountered in the mountains, such as finding a suitable location, setting up, getting network there in the face of simian interference, paying the bills, and last but not least: getting "the right people" to do all the things.

After that we introduce more community-driven events and spaces in India including various initiatives we feel strongly connected to. We will present some of the exotic hacker- and makerspaces on the subcontinent, and the tech-community around these spaces.

Finally we want to introduce some on-going important issues. Primarily the big discussion about net-neutrality and the "save-the-internet" campaign which is a topic of significant interest in India right now.

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