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lecture: Hackerfleet - what happend?

Opensource and Venture Capital, Softwaredevelopment and Future


We will explain how we entered the Venture Capital sphere and what happend there, ultimatly, this effort failed. While Ijon produced Business-Bullshit and Buzzword-Bingo and jumped through hoops for Investors, Riot developed the Software HFOS, which got quite far.

The Hackerfleet is an organisation that wants to bring opensource to the seven Seas. They tried to aquire venture capital investment, but failed to do so. In this talk, they will explain what they experienced and with what (partially ridiculous) expectations they were met by investors.

During the failed monetization efforts, the softwaredevelopment continued and produced results, the HFOS (Hackerfleet Operating System) will be shown on stage. It is a locally hosted, collaborative softwaresystem for nautical professionals and amateurs.

Think of the evolution between early officesoftware (LibreWriter) and Etherpad in terms of collaboration. HFOS is that exact same evolution, but for chart tables and navigators.

After the monetization efforts failed, the founders have no clue what best strategy to follow from now on. They will present several ideas and organize an open discussion in the c-base village after the talk to discuss these ideas.


Day: 2015-08-16
Start time: 18:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Simulacron-3
Track: Failosophy
Language: en



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