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Speaker: Rainer Mühlhoff

Rainer Mühlhoff, philosopher and mathematician, is full professor of Ethics of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Osnabrück. They explore ethics, data protection, and critical social theory in the digital society. Through systemic analyses of AI capitalism and proposals to enhance data protection, Rainer engages in various extra-academic formats, regularly participating as a guest in political, educational, and public forums. In their research, Rainer examines AI systems as socio-technical systems ("Human-Aided AI"), coined the term "Predictive Privacy," and advocates for the purpose limitation of AI models.

In their earlier life, Rainer studied mathematics, physics, and computer science, working in the field of quantum physics. Through secondary studies in philosophy and gender studies, they transitioned into the critical humanities. Rainer's interdisciplinary team at the Ethics and Critical Theories of AI research group at the University of Osnabrück combines philosophy, media studies, and computer science to investigate the interplay of technology, power, and societal change. [List of publications]


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