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Speaker: thorben

Event Tech and Educator by Day - Digital Rights, Soldering and Film Exhibition by Night

During the daylight hours, you'll find me deep in event technology. I'm all about creating tools that make life easier for event planners, blending software solutions with the practical needs of real-world events.

When night falls, my focus shifts to more grassroots activities. You might catch me soldering in my workshop, exploring the intricacies of digital rights, or setting up for a film showing. My work with Zentrum fir Urban Gerechtegkeet and Cinéma Sura keeps me busy, blending my tech-savvy side with a love for the cinematic arts.

Based across Hamburg, Berlin, and Luxembourg, I navigate these diverse worlds, from the technical to the creative, bringing a hacker's curiosity and a film buff's enthusiasm to everything I do.


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