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Speaker: Thomas

During my school years I always looked forward to Friday afternoons. Not so much because of the weekend but more because of the opening hours of the local recycling facility. I went there almost every week with my friend.
This might sound boring and looks boring at the first glance - broken flower pots, rusty bikes, shattered glass. But wait until you see the electronics corner!
Having access to electronic waste formed how we thought about technology. Many devices where not completely broken, some still operational. In younger years we had fun by simply opening devices and peeking in, wondering what those things might be inside. With time came wisdom. We learned how much more valuable electronic devices are to us once we understand them well enough to fix them or repurpose them.
Our understanding had limits, though. At latest at the boundaries of black epoxy cases was usually end of the road:
Integrated circuits - the more pins, the harder to understand (we thought).
We got a feeling of what it means to have no access to documentation. That felt frustrating and powerless.

Many years later I encountered integrated circuits again at the University. I learned some things about them and built some. But the frustration came back when I wanted to understand how the proprietary software works which we used to create the chips. There was no lectures about that. So I had to find out myself.

I'm looking forward to share some of my learnings at 37c3 :)

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