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Speaker: Martin Otto Paul Ramacher

I am a Hamburg based Earth System Scientist (PhD) currently employed at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon with a MSc. in Sustainability Sciences and a BSc. in Environmental Engineering.

My research is focused on the topics of exposure to pollutant concentrations, urban air quality simulations and local emission sources modeling, such as traffic, shipping, industry and residential heating.

This concludes gathering and processing of big data to model representative emission inventories for relevant emission sources in high resolution and application of emission inventories in local-scale chemistry transport models to model pollutant concentrations and to identify source contributions as well as impacts of policy-based scenarios, as well as calculating exposure estimates for health-effect studies based on dynamic population activities.
My goal is to inform the public and support policy decisions on air quality relevant topics, such as impacts on health, legislation scenarios and sector contributions.

My love for and approach to science stems from logic, working in collectives and the wish to support sustainable measures for a just, fair, non-profit, solidary and healthy global society.

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